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Home or Hospital Instruction - May 1997 Revision

Home/Hospital Instruction is available for those students, K-12, who are unable to participate in regular or special class settings because of a medical problem.

Home/Hospital Instruction Program

Referral to the Home/Hospital Instruction Program may be made by personnel from APS schools or by parents, hospitals, doctors, and other agencies. A Request for Home or Hospital Teaching form (INS-03) should be sent to the Home/Hospital Instruction program.

Referral should be made immediately upon discovery that a child is unable to attend his or her regular school. Eligibility will be determined when the Home/Hospital Instruction program has obtained a written statement from a physician or psychiatrist containing a diagnosis and a recommendation for hospital and/or home instruction.

Students should be referred for no less than three weeks of instruction. Enrollment of in-district students may remain with their home schools. Students who receive care at Anna Kaseman, Charter, Park Center (Lovelace), and UNM Adolescent Unit will be additionally enrolled into Home/Hospital but will enter educational programs in those facilities. A regular schedule of instruction of at least four (4) hours per week will be prescribed. Adequate teaching facilities and conditions are supplied by the home or hospital. Instruction will be based on curriculum taught in the student’s home school as nearly as possible depending on the adaptability of the subject matter and the disability of the student. At the high school level, only those subjects which the student has a possibility of passing will be taught by Home/Hospital instructors.

When a student has recovered sufficiently to return to his or her home school, progress reports and evaluations will be completed by the Home/Hospital Department and sent to the home school.

Assignments will be provided by home school teachers; completed work will be submitted to those teachers for evaluation and posting of grades.

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NSBA/NEPN Classification: IHBF

Revised: May 1995
: April 1996
: May 1997