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Equipment Inventory - January 2001 Revision

Property Management

Management of public property is the process of providing for its proper allocation, control, care, use, and safeguarding. Responsibility for managing public property is an obligation shared by all APS personnel regardless of location assignment or level of supervision. These responsibilities include pecuniary liability for loss, damage, or destruction of property resulting from mismanagement, or unauthorized use. Personnel responsible for managing property may be relieved of their duties if an unsatisfactory condition is found that is attributable to mismanagement, inefficiency, or other causes within their control. Personnel must ensure that equipment is protected, conserved, and maintained. Property issued to individuals does not become private property, but remains public property.

Individuals who manage property or equipment must:

  • Record property transactions and maintain appropriate records.
  • Perform inventories and verify the accuracy of records.
  • Provide adequate safeguards and protection for equipment.
  • Maintain records of property acquisitions and re-location.
  • Assure equipment is used economically, and for the intended purpose.
  • Inspect stock, redistribute excesses, and dispose waste.
  • Request APS identification labels and tag new equipment promptly.

All property movement, must be reported on an Equipment Transfer Document, Form PA15. If equipment is received by way of donation or transferred from your location, they must be recorded on a Form PA 15.

The releasing location must notify Capital Outlay to advise them of the pertinent details. The Equipment Tranfer Document will be prepared by Capital Outlay and sent to the sites for signature. Schools or other locations do not have the option of disposing of equipment. If equipment becomes damaged, obsolete, etc., contact Materials Management/Salvage for disposition.

Annually, complete listings of all equipment with a unit cost of $500 or more assigned to the location will be sent to the school or division for physical inventory purposes. The listing must be checked by the principal, division head, or other individuals assigned the responsibility. The responsible individual(s) will send corrections and/or deletions to Capital Outlay for validating and updating.

At the end of each month, a listing of all equipment additions and/or deletions for the month is prepared by Capital Outlay and the computer list is sent to all principals and department heads. Principals and department heads are responsible to verify the list for accuracy, and to report any discrepancies to Capital Outlay.

Audit of Inventory Records

An equipment inventory will be kept by each location and must be readily available for audit at all times.

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NSBA/NEPN Classification: DN

Revised: May 1995
Revised: April 1996
Revised: June 1997
Reviewed: January 1, 2001