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Home or Hospital Instruction Repealed November 2014 Version

Home/Hospital Instruction is a short-term, interim service available for those students, K-12, who are unable to access a regular school campus due to an acute medical condition (i.e. illness, post-op surgery or treatment).

Home/Hospital Instruction Program

The school nurse shall immediately submit a referral to the Home/Hospital Instruction Program upon discovery that a student will be unable to attend his/her regular school for more than two (2) weeks. The school nurse shall complete the Home/Hospital Instruction Referral Forms. The physician overseeing the student’s medical care shall complete the Medical Provider Statement. Both forms shall be faxed or scanned electronically and emailed to Albuquerque Public Schools Home/Hospital supervisor. Eligibility shall be determined once the Home Hospital coordinator has received all required paperwork.

In-district students served in their homes shall remain primarily enrolled with their home school although may be additionally enrolled into the Home/Hospital Instruction Program.  Core classes (excluding lab sciences and physical education) shall be taught by the Home/Hospital Instruction Program staff. Up to five hours of instruction shall be provided to students on a weekly basis using assignments provided by the student’s classroom teacher(s). The family shall provide adequate teaching facilities and conditions and a parent/legal guardian shall be present and alert during each session. At the high school level, the Home/Hospital Instruction program staff shall only teach those subjects which the student is not failing.

Once a student is medically able to return to his or her home school for full or partial days, the student shall be withdrawn from the Home/Hospital Instruct program and a written report shall be sent to the student’s home school. The student’s classroom teacher(s) remain the instructor of record and shall be responsible for issuing student grades.

Administrative Position:      Chief Academic Officer/Assistance Superintendent of Special Education

Department Director:            Executive Director of Family, School and Community Support

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NSBA/NEPN Classification:   IHBF

Revised: May 1995
Revised: April 1996
Revised: May 1997
Reviewed: November 11, 2014
Adopted: November 21, 2014