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Annual Budget Formulation - October 2012 Revision

The Chief Financial Officer will issue a "Budget Call" Information request to control agents by January 31, for the subsequent fiscal year. This document will include instructions, personnel listings, and blank forms to report requirements for personnel, supplies, services, travel, and equipment.

Control agents may be required to issue supplemental instructions and distribute forms to agencies concerned so that budget requests for each cost account may be submitted.

Budget requests should be completed and submitted to the control agent according to the date designated by the instructions.

Control agents will review individual budget requests, revise if necessary, and justify requirements based on experience factors and instructional programs objectives. Completed budget requests approved by the control agent will be forwarded to the Chief Financial Officer according to the instructions.

The Budget Office will consolidate a tentative budget from the returned budget requests. Any changes due to anticipated budgetary limitations, changed objectives, etc., will be coordinated with the control agents involved. The tentative budget will be submitted to the Superintendent and the budget will be brought to the Superintendent’s Cabinet for study and approval.

The Superintendent will present the proposed tentative budget to the Board of Education for approval.

The Chief Financial Officer will document the budget as approved by the Board of Education and submit to the School Budget Planning Unit of the State Department of Education. This submission will be in accordance with the Manual of Procedure for Uniform Accounting and Budgeting for New Mexico School Districts and special instructions received from the Chief.

Cross Ref.: Board Policy D.01

NSBA/NEPN Classification: DB

Revised: May 1995
Revised: April 1996
Revised: April 1997