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KL3 Restaurant Liquor Licenses Waivers - August 2008 Revision

City Ordinance F/S R-121, Enactment 115-1998 requires that the school board and/or recognized parent association of a school be consulted during the consideration of any distance waiver requests from the prohibition of alcoholic beverage sales within 300 feet of a church or school as set forth at 60-6B-10 NMSA 1978.

The school district will oppose in all cases the granting of any waiver to a restaurant for the purpose of allowing the serving of alcoholic beverages within 300 feet of a school site in which instruction of students normally takes place. The granting of such a waiver would increase the risk to students and staff of encountering intoxicated persons who may potentially interfere with or negatively impact the instructional process; and, would increase the danger of vehicular accidents within the walk zones surrounding the school.

Legal Ref: City of Albuquerque Ordinance F/S R-121 Enactment 115-1998; and 60-6B-10 NMSA 1978 of the State Liquor Control Act

NSBA/NEPN Classification: KLJ
Approved: January 20,1999
Reviewed: April 2001
Reviewed: July 22, 2008
Revised: August 6, 2008