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K.06 Political Solicitations in Schools - April 2001 Revision

Note: This policy was reviewed and revised in December 2010. We provide this revision for historic purposes only. Please refer to the current policy.

The public school community has as its primary mission the proper education of its young people; all else must be secondary. For this reason, appearances of candidates or their representatives will be limited to time outside the standard school hours except in those instances where teachers of social studies and language arts invite candidates to visit their classes as part of the educational program.

Candidates or their representatives may distribute campaign materials and greet employees and students off school property.

No person may solicit contributions, distribute campaign materials or post political signs, for any political campaign or initiative or receive, collect, handle, or disburse contributions or other funds for any political campaign within or on any school property. Posting of campaign material near polling places is allowed as provided by state law on Election Day.

For the purpose of these guidelines, "candidates for elective office" means candidate for any public office and "representatives" means any persons other than a student of the school, whether or not authorized by a candidate, who is actively supporting such candidate. These guidelines also include elections and advocacy for constitutional amendments, bond issues and mill levies.

Procedural Directive Cross Ref:

NSBA/NEPN Classification: KHE
NMSA 1978, 1-20-16

Reviewed: January 17, 1990
Revised: February 20, 1996
Revised:April 2001