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JL1 Student Drug and Alcohol Use and Overdose Intervention

Albuquerque Public Schools prohibits the sale, use, possession, transfer of, or being under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, hallucinogens, inhalants, or drugs or possession of drug paraphernalia on district property or at any district-sponsored activity. 

Any student found to be engaging in any of the above behaviors are provided interventions and shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures.

Albuquerque Public Schools shall provide and maintain opioid antagonist medication for the treatment of suspected opioid overdose. Albuquerque Public Schools shall comply with all federal and state statutes and regulations, including training requirements for school personnel, regarding its overdose intervention program.

Administrative Position:

  • Chief of Schools
  • Associate Superintendents for Leadership and Learning

Department Director:

  • Executive Director of Student, Family and Community Supports
  • Director of Nursing
  • Director of Counseling
  • Executive Director of Student, Parent, and Employee Service Center


Legal Cross Ref.:

  • §22-5-4.3 NMSA 1978
  • §22-51-1 et seq. NMSA 1978
  • §24-23-1 NMSA 1978

Board Policy Cross Ref.:

Procedural Directive Cross Ref:

  • APS Handbook for Student Success
  • Student Discipline and Standards of Behavior
  • Suspension, Long-term Suspension, Expulsion and Due Process Procedures (Exclusionary Discipline)
  • Administration of Medical Cannabis for Students in Schools
  • Administration of Naloxone in Schools
  • Student Participation in Activities and Athletics: Restrictions Related to Controlled Substance, Alcohol, and Tobacco Use

NSBA/NEPN Classification: JLDB

Introduced: September 13, 2010
Reviewed: November 8, 2010
Adopted: November 17, 2010
Reviewed: June 14, 2017
Revised: June 21, 2017
Reviewed: July 7, 2022
Revised: July 20, 2022