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EC Energy and Water Conservation

Albuquerque Public Schools shall reduce net water consumption by twenty percent (20%) and net energy consumption by twenty percent (20%) by the end of the 2023-2024 school year as compared to an established 2013-2014 school year baseline.  To support this effort, the superintendent shall ensure full commitment by all employees and involved entities, including administrators, teachers, students, support personnel, contractors, suppliers and communities using APS facilities. 

For purposes of this policy, “consumption” means, the overall units of consumption.  For water consumption, the unit of measure shall be total gallons per student, calculated in whole for the entire school district.  Number of students for each year shall be the Fortieth Day Student Enrollment as reported by APS Capital Master Plan.  For energy consumption, the unit of measure shall be kBtu per square foot, also known as EUI (Energy Usage Intensity), calculated in whole for the entire school district:  [total kBtu] / [total square footage].  This includes both electricity and natural gas, normalized to a common unit of energy

Administrative Position:            Chief Operations Officer

Department Director:                 Executive Director of Facilities Design and Construction


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NSBA/NEPN Classification:     ECF

Introduced: October 9, 2014
Adopted: October 15, 2014