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Policies and Procedural Directives

Throughout the year, the Board of Education sets policies and district administration carries out those policies by developing procedural directives.


Policies are approved by the Board of Education.

Policies posted in this section are made available for public comment prior to Board action.

There are currently no policies open for public comment. 

Send comments to or your Board of Education member.

Procedural Directives

Procedural Directives are developed by district administration.

Procedural Directives for Public Comment

Procedural Directives posted in this section are made available for public comment prior to Board action. Send comments to or your Board of Education member.

Currently there are no procedural directives available to comment on.

Glossary of Terms

We've compiled a glossary of key terms found in the policies and procedural directives.


APS adopted a new process for approving policies and procedural directives in Fall of 2010. Follow these guidelines when determining the accuracy of policy or procedural directives. Any policy or procedural directive posted with a most recently revised date that is:

  • Prior to October of 2010 cannot be guaranteed to be the most recently updated version;
  • Later than October of 2010 can be considered up to date and reflective of current district practice.


If you have comments or questions about policies and procedural directives, please email If you have additional questions about the accuracy of a policy or a procedural directive based on its revision date, please contact the APS policy analyst at