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Records Retention and Disposition Schedule - October 2011 Revision

Note: This procedural directive was reviewed and revised in October 2011. We provide this revision for historic purposes only. Please refer to the current procedural directive.

This schedule describes the most commonly used retention periods.  Access to confidential documents and/or confidential files shall be only by court order, unless provided by federal or state statute or regulation.  Release of confidential documents to law enforcement and other governmental agencies shall only be done in compliance with statute or upon court order.  All release of student information requests shall be reviewed and approved or denied by the custodian of public records.

Schools shall be required to include accident reports, cumulative health records, daily attendance, disciplinary records, free or reduced priced lunch authorization, parent/legal guardian permission to participate in extracurricular activities, cumulative record folder, student data transmittal form, student permanent record card, and the teacher class record book in student records.

DescriptionRetention Period


Textbook Inventory Listing

Listing prepared annually by each school which reports current inventory of schools instructional materials supplied by the district using state and federal funds



Until superseded by new listing



Textbook Adoption Lists, Copies

Listing of all textbooks approved by the New Mexico Public Education Department for school district adoption



Until superseded by new listing


Student Cumulative Education Record File
DescriptionRetention Period



Record that shows date of birth, date of entrance, courses taken, grades received, and degrees granted



90 years after graduation




Student health records and immunizations



10 years from date of student's last attendance




Participation in federal program records


5 years after final expenditure report



Other student records, including registration record, screening evaluation, counselor notes, correspondence, program participation


2 years after last attendance


Special Education Records
DescriptionRetention Period


Special Ed. confidential records must contain all IEP’s


After completion of special services but not sooner than 5 years after completion of activities funded



Other Student Records
DescriptionRetention Period


Student Discipline

Records that show action taken for disciplinary measures


5 years after last entry, or 2 years after last attendance



Guidance Folder


5 years after last entry, or 2 years after last attendance



Scholarship Program Records


1 year after award



Employment certificate record



Until student attains age 21



Honor Society student records



1 year after end of school year



School census records



1 year after end of school year


Student’s attendance record



1 year after end of school year



Students attendance exemption record



Until student attains age 21



Student’s absence record



1 year after end of school year



Parent’s consent



2 years after close of school year or until student attains age 9



Student accident and illness



1 year after end of school year



Student organization records



6 years after date created



Student fine receipts



3 years after close of fiscal year



Parent -public survey P. l. 874



4 years


Athletic Program Records
DescriptionRetention Period


Activities and membership



6 years after date created


Injury records, medical reports



10 years after last date of entry



Records of coaches for various school sports



Until reference value ends


Curriculum Records
DescriptionRetention Period


Curriculum catalogue or bulletin





Approved curriculum variance application



10 years after approved


Approved application of occupational education curriculum



1 year after curriculum discontinued





Denied application for curriculum approval



1 year after end school year


Other Instruction Records
DescriptionRetention Period


Teacher’s lesson plan



2 years after close of school year



Teacher’s class rolls, grade sheets



1 year after end of term



Examination and test answer papers



2 years after close of school year



State required district testing records original to New Mexico Public Education Department



2 years after close of school year



Food Management and Child Nutrition



5 years after submission of final report, 7 years for Title I purposes



Other School Records
DescriptionRetention Period


School Administrative File



5 years after close of school year



Calendar of Events File



Until obsolete



Committees, Councils Files



5 years after end of school year



Membership Report File






Other District Records
DescriptionRetention Period


Maintenance Service File



3 years after date of last entry



Work Orders File



1 year after work completed, paper 2 years, electronic



Administrator & Finance Officials records



2 years for electronic and paper



All other employee e-mails



1 year after date of last entry.



Administrative Position: Chief Information Officer/Executive Director of Instruction and Accountability

Department Director: Custodian of Public Records/Director of Student Information Systems


Legal Cross Ref:

  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Board Policy Cross Ref.:


NSBA/NEPN Classification: EHB


Revised: May 1995
Revised: April 1996
Revised: May 1997
Reviewed: October 7, 2011
Revised: October 21, 2011