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Enrollment of Students Affected by Boundary Changes - May 1997 Revision

Note: This procedural directive was reviewed and revised in October 2010. We provide this revision for historic purposes only. Please refer to the current procedural directive.

Enrollment Under the One-time Option Rule

It is the policy of the Board of Education that boundary changes involving high schools will become effective with incoming 9th graders, and at middle schools with incoming 6th graders, and not with students already enrolled at the affected school. During the first year, incoming 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students affected by a change in attendance area will be given a one-time option of remaining at the old school or moving to the newly assigned school.

Boundary changes involving elementary students, however, will become effective with all students who are being moved to the newly assigned school.

Enrollment under the one-time option rule does not affect athletic eligibility.

If the student desires to transfer to a different school, however, athletic eligibility is affected. Athletic residency or any other transfer rules apply (refer to the Athletic Handbook).


Steps to follow to obtain One-time Option:

  • Complete One-time Option Request Form.
  • Submit it to Student Support Office.
  • The Student Support Office will verify information and send copies to both schools.
  • The Student Support Office will maintain the records.

Enrollment Under the Sibling Rule

Families who have siblings who would be concurrently enrolled in different high schools as a result of boundary changes will have the one-time option of enrolling the younger sibling in the school which the older sibling is attending.

The "Sibling Rule" is a component of boundary policy. Enrollment actions under this rule will not affect the student's athletic eligibility.

Verification of eligibility for enrollment, data collection, and approval for enrollment under the sibling rule is a function of the Student Support Offices.


  • Families desiring to exercise their option under the "Sibling Rule" should complete form #AD-125, Request for High School Enrollment Under the Sibling Rule. The form will be available at each high school and the Student Support Office.
  • The completed request form should be submitted to the high school or the Student Support Office.
  • The Student Support Office will verify eligibility for enrollment by determining that an older sibling will be concurrently enrolled with the younger sibling during at least the first year of the younger sibling's enrollment in high school. Student Support will also verify that the "split enrollment" circumstances are the result of a boundary change. Split enrollments resulting from elective transfers, disciplinary action, or family relocations do not qualify under this rule.
  • If the request is valid, the Student Support Office will issue a letter to the family authorizing enrollment under the "Sibling Rule". The authorization letter will be copied to both affected schools.
  • If the request does not qualify, the Student Support Office will advise the family and explain the reason for the denial.
  • The Student Support Office will collect and maintain data on the total number of requests, approvals, and denials under this rule for reporting purposes.

Cross Ref.:

  • Board Policy J.01
  • Request for High School Enrollment Under the Sibling Rule form
  • Athletic Handbook

NSBA/NEPN Classification: JC

Revised: May 1995
April 1996
May 1997