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JF1 Enrollment Priorities for Students Under the Open Enrollment Act June 2011 Revision

Note: This policy was reviewed and revised in July 2021. We provide this revision for historic purposes only. Please refer to the current policy.

Albuquerque Public Schools shall comply with and implement federal and New Mexico state statutes regarding enrollment priorities for students.  Albuquerque Public Schools shall establish enrollment priorities for students wishing to enroll in Albuquerque Public Schools as follows:

  1. students residing within the geographical attendance area of the school and students who had resided in the attendance area prior to a parent/legal guardian who is an active duty member of the armed forces of the United States or a member of the national guard being deployed and whose deployment has required the student to relocate outside the geographical attendance area for custodial care;
  2. students who qualify under federal education legislation;
  3. students who previously attended the school;
  4. students who qualify under the following provisions:
    1. siblings of students who currently and will simultaneously attend the school requested;
    2. students who qualify in one of the following preferences:
      1. siblings requesting the same school but none currently attend the requested school;
      2. children of an employee of the school being requested;
      3. children of at least one parent/legal guardian who is an active duty member of the armed forces of the United States or a member of the national guard on active duty assignment;
    3. students who qualify for one of the following preferences:
      1. after-school care for students;
      2. child care for siblings of the student attending the requested school;
      3. extreme hardship;
      4. location of the student’s previous school;
      5. student safety;
      6. Students who indicate other preferences;
    4. all other applications.

    Unless otherwise outlined in this policy, enrollment of applicants in the second through fifth categories shall be approved for the requested school according to procedures created and implemented by the superintendent and in accordance with available programs and classroom space established by the district.  Students qualifying for preference in priority 4.A. shall be placed at the requested school regardless of whether there is site capacity or program availability, but only when there are no students on the waiting list for priorities two and three.  The superintendent may override the automatic placement of students qualifying in priority 4.A in any case where it is not physically or financially feasible for the district.

    Administrative Position: Assistant Superintendent of School and Community


    Department Director: Director of Student, School and Community Service Center


    Legal Cross Ref.:

    • §22-1-4, NMSA 1978
    • §22-15-5 NMSA 1978

    Board Policy Cross Ref.:

    Procedural Directive Cross Ref.:

    NSBA/NEPN Classification: JFBA

    Reviewed: January 17, 1990
    Revised: July 10, 1991
    Revised: April 2001
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