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G.03 Drug Free Workplace - April 2001 Revision

Note: This policy was reviewed and revised in July 2011. We provide it here for historic purposes only. Please refer to the current policy.

In accordance with federal law, Albuquerque Public Schools has adopted a Drug Free workplace policy. The unlawful possession, dispensing, distribution, manufacture, sale or use of controlled substances and alcohol in the workplace by an APS employee is prohibited on the school premises or as part of any APS activity. Being under the influence of controlled substances and/or alcohol by an employee is prohibited in the workplace, on the school premises or any part of an APS activity.

Since the District is the recipient of federal funding, as a condition of employment individual employees are required to notify their respective supervisors within five (5) days if they are convicted of a criminal controlled-drug statute violation occurring in the workplace. Failure by an employee to report such a conviction may be grounds for disciplinary action. Supervisors who become aware of a conviction of an employee for a criminal controlled-drug statute violation occurring in the workplace should immediately notify the Human Resources Department, which is responsible for ensuring institutional compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

Violation of this policy will be considered a serious matter and inconsistent with APS employment practices and will result in disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment and referral to law enforcement.

The District will implement and maintain drug-free awareness programs to inform employees about the dangers and risks of drug abuse in the workplace, about the District's drug-free policy, about available District and community counseling and referral services, and about the penalties involved for drug violation convictions.

School transportation contractors will implement drug-testing programs for all persons responsible for driving or maintaining school transportation vehicles consistent with the U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines.

Procedural Directive Cross Ref.: Employee Standards of Conduct

Legal Ref.:

  • Public Law 100-690;
  • Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988; and
  • Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, as amended in 1989

NSBA/NEPN Classification: GBEC

Approved: October 4, 1989
Reviewed: January 17, 1990
Revised: June 19, 1991
Revised: December 18, 1991
Reviewed: May 4, 1994
Approved: June 1, 1994
Revised: February 20, 1996
Reviewed: January 1, 2001
Revised: April 2001