Team Biographies

Albuquerque Public Schools is led by a team of committed, distinguished, and highly accomplished individuals working to improve the education of Albuquerque children. Together, this group guides APS:

Raquel Reedy


Dr. Richard Bowman

Chief Information and Strategy Officer

Dr. Gabriella Blakey

Associate Superintendent

Dr. Antonio Gonzales

Associate Superintendent

Yvonne Garcia

Associate Superintendent

Troy Hughes

Associate Superintendent

Lucinda Sánchez

Associate Superintendent for Special Education

Dr. Madelyn P. Serna Marmol

Associate Superintendent of Equity, Instruction, Innovation, and Support

Scott Elder

Chief Operations Officer

Tami Coleman

Chief Financial Officer

Steven Gallegos

Chief of Police

Brenda Yager

Executive Director of Board Services and Government Affairs

Kristine Meurer, Ph.D

Executive Director of Student Family and Community Supports

Deborah Elder

Executive Director of Innovation

Monica Armenta

Executive Director of Communications