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  • Mailing Address:
    PO Box 25704 Albuquerque, NM 87125-0704
  • Main Phone: (505) 880-3712
  • Email: operations@aps.edu

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Staff listed by employee, with email address and phone number.
Employee Contact Information
Scott Elder
Chief Operations Officer
Germaine McKercher
Executive, Administrative Assistant Operations
Karen Alarid
Executive Director, Facilities, Design and Construction
Ken Barreras
Executive Director, Athletics
Royce Binns
Senior Director, Student Transportation
Michael Brown
Senior Director, Risk Management
John Dufay
Executive Director, Maintenance and Operations
Steve Gallegos
Chief of Police, APS Police
Shelly Green
Executive Director, Student, Parent, Employee Service Center
Sandra Kemp
Executive Director, Food and Nutrition Services
Jerome Martinez
Director, Graphic Enterprise Services
Kizito Wijenje
Executive Director, Capital Master Plan