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Survey and Community Forum Results

Superintendent Search Survey and Community Forum Results.

On October 8, 2019, Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Superintendent Raquel Reedy formally announced to the Board of Education that she would be retiring at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Four weeks later, November 6, 2019, the Board of Education announced its plans to conduct a survey of the APS community and conduct a series of community meetings to gather feedback to help inform their search for the next superintendent. The survey and a series of public community meetings were held between November 11, 2019, and December 6, 2019.

Through this extensive three-month process the Board has identified desired characteristics for the next APS superintendent. These criteria will be used throughout the search process from vetting to screening candidates and will form the outline for the Board interviews. The staff and community may also use the criteria as they engage with the finalists.

Overview of Survey Results

The results were presented to the board just before winter break.  (more than 8,200 responses) 

Most Important Characteristics for the Next Superintendent

  1. Puts the needs of students first
  2. Possesses background in education
  3. Promotes safety and security in the schools and across the district
  4. Encourages transparency at all levels of the district
  5. Takes responsibility for decisions and actions

District's Top 3 Strengths

  1. Student diversity
  2. School choice options (access to magnet and charter schools)
  3. Culture, language, and history of community 

District's Top 3 Challenges

  1. Teacher shortage
  2. Low pay 
  3. Class sizes

Overview of Community Meeting Results

(About 220 participating community members)

Most Important Characteristics for the Next Superintendent

  1. Background and experience in education (specifically classroom or school level)
  2. Experience working with diverse populations in a large school district
  3. Ability to establish and sustain community partnerships
  4. Puts the needs of students first (and values student voice)
  5. Values equity, integrity, and transparency 

District's Top 3 Strengths

  1. Quality of staff, administration, and Board of Education
  2. School choice including the diversity of charter schools and community schools initiative
  3. Bilingual programs and the bilingual diploma seal

District's Top 3 Challenges 

  1. Low graduation and high drop-out rates
  2. Lack of funding, hiring and retaining qualified staff, and the size of the district
  3. Poverty, student, and mental health challenges

What Do You Like About Living in Albuquerque?

  1. Culture, language, and history of community
  2. Weather, outdoor environment and recreational opportunities
  3. The friendly people and the vibrant arts community