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Posted: October 8, 2019

Superintendent Reedy Announces Retirement

The Harvard graduate and career educator will finish the school year to allow the APS Board of Education time to select her successor.

Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent Raquel Reedy on Tuesday, Oct. 8, notified the Board of Education and the school community of her intentions to retire at the end of her current contract year on June 30, 2020.

“I have devoted over forty years to APS, and APS is truly my dear family,” said Reedy. “I have announced my retirement now to allow adequate time to organize a search for a replacement who understands and personifies everything that makes Albuquerque Public Schools so unique and special. I will do whatever I can to ensure a smooth transition. I urge Albuquerque to embrace and support its next superintendent.”

The Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education stated that it is greatly appreciative of Superintendent Reedy’s excellent district leadership and her many years of dedicated service to the education of APS students. The board is pleased with several areas of improvement in the district and the many initiatives that have a direct impact on students. In particular, the board appreciates how Reedy stabilized the district during a time when her calm leadership was critically needed. Reedy has established an accomplished leadership team that will be able to continue improvements as APS transitions to the new superintendent.

The Board will quickly begin a search to identify candidates interested in the position Reedy will vacate.

After a seven-month interim appointment, Reedy took over as superintendent in April 2016. The bilingual daughter of a divorced mother who worked as a special education educational assistant to support her family, Reedy was inspired to earn her bachelor’s degree in special education from the University of Texas at Austin.

After earning a master’s degree in education from Harvard University, Reedy moved to Albuquerque and began her career at Atrisco Elementary as a resource room teacher. She held a variety of administrative positions within APS before being tapped to lead one of the nation’s largest public school districts.

Reedy is only the second Hispanic woman to lead APS during its 128-year history and one of a few to ever lead a district as large as Albuquerque’s.

Reedy is also active within the greater Albuquerque community. She serves on the executive committee of the board of United Way of Central New Mexico. She also is a board member for the ABC Community School Partnership, the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce, and the APS Education Foundation. And she is a member of the executive committee of the Council of the Great City Schools, a highly respected national education organization.

Among Reedy’s many accomplishments as superintendent is an eight-point increase in the district’s overall graduation rate. Reedy also is credited with:

  • The development and implementation of the district’s Academic Master Plan
  • The reorganization of the district into Learning Zones that enable a more immediate response to the needs of neighborhood schools
  • The strengthening of the district’s bilingual program
  • The growth of community schools
  • The expansion of pre-school programs
  • The expansion of music and art education for all elementary school students
  • Improved parent engagement and community partnerships
  • The launch of an online dashboard that includes data visualizations.

“Our successes can be credited to all the community stakeholders who championed our efforts, the students and their parents, the hard work of the APS Leadership Team, our incredible, tireless teachers and all of the staff that support our mission to give the very best education possible to all of our students," Reedy said. "I am proud of each and every person who helped bring stability and the focused effort you see today. There is much more to do, of course. The work is never done, but we have laid a solid foundation for the district to continue to improve in serving its students, their parents, and the entire Albuquerque community.”