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Posted: February 8, 2021

Submit Your Question for the Superintendent Finalists

The Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education asks the community to play a critical role in the ongoing search for the next superintendent by submitting questions the finalists will answer in upcoming public forums.

The superintendent search that started more than a year ago was interrupted by the pandemic. The Board of Education resumed the search at the start of the year and has since narrowed the search from a  field of 15 candidates to four finalists.

The next step in the search is to present the candidates to the public via virtual community forums the first week of March. 

“We feel it’s important for APS families, employees, students, and the community to hear from our finalists,” said APS Board President Dr. Peercy. “We know the next superintendent will have an enormous impact on the future of this district and anyone who wants personal insight of the candidates should have that opportunity.”

How to Submit Your Questions

If you have a question or questions for the finalists to answer, please submit your questions through the online submission form by Monday, February 22, 2021, at 5 p.m.

While we will not be able to ask all questions that are submitted, we will do our best to cover the most important topics related to your questions.

The APS Board of Education through an extensive three-month process asked the community for input and used that feedback to identify desired characteristics for the next APS superintendent. You may use those criteria below to think about what questions you might want asked of the finalists.

Superintendent Finalists: 

Desired Characteristics:

A student-centered leader who puts the needs of children first by:

  • Ensuring a strong academic program focused on continuous improvement in key learning areas.

  • Creating an organizational culture that supports the social/emotional growth and well-being of children.

  • Supporting the education of the whole child through, but not limited to, the arts, music and physical health.

  • Valuing student voice in district decision-making.

A collaborative, stakeholder-focused manager who embodies a district culture that:

  • Prioritizes the support for schools and contributions of school-based educators in the education of students.

  • Recognizes the contributions of and seeks input from all district staff.

  • Establishes, aligns and sustains partnerships and cultivates relationships with the business community, governmental officials and community leadership.

  • Values equity, integrity, and transparency and promotes safety and security.

  • Takes responsibility and is accountable for decisions and actions and supports strong site-based shared leadership.

  • Adheres to the guidance and direction of the Board of Education.

A life-long learner and educator who:

  • Has extensive background and experience in education, preferably at the classroom, school, district and superintendent levels.

  • Deeply values and understands the richness of a culturally diverse student/community population and preferably speaks Spanish.

  • Has worked in a large, culturally diverse urban school system.

A proactive, articulate communicator who:

  • Is media savvy and will promote the APS brand at district, local, state and national levels.

  • Establishes and employs a communication flow of critical issues, actions, and decisions on an on-going basis and during times of crisis.

  • Is a systems thinker who coordinates the overall direction of APS and aligns central office operations and processes.