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Madelyn Jones

District 1 Candidate

Candidate Questions and Answers

Why do you want to be a board member for Albuquerque Public Schools?

Education is the foundation for success.  School boards are key to providing education.

What is your interest in education?

Contributing to the success of the schools

In what ways will you support the mission and vision of the district?

Contributing what I can to the decisions

How will you work with the superintendent?

In whatever capacity that exists

What is your past and current involvement with Albuquerque Public Schools?

My children went to APS schools as did I.

What should be the relationship between the superintendent and Board of Education?

I assume that it has been codified but it should in cooperative

What qualities and skills would you bring to the Board of Education?

Forty-four years of business ownership experience in problem-solving

What school or community volunteer activities have you participated in related to the community?

Cub scouts - Harrison Middle School, South Area Advisory Council, Carrie Tingley Hospital Parent Council, President South Valley Chamber of Commerce, TVI Advisory South Valley

How do you plan to work with constituents?

I have served on Boards before.  I assume this will be the same.

What do you see as opportunities and challenges to the district?

The challenge is to increase graduation rates.  That is also the opportunity.

What do you think is the best way for the district to accomplish the Superintendent’s Big Five?

I do not know the details that are in place so I can't have any opinion.  The goals are appropriate.

  1. Early learning
  2. College and Career Readiness
  3. Attendance
  4. Developing the Whole Child 
  5. Community and Parent Engagement

If elected, how will you work with the current board?

Attend meetings - engage in the discussions, vote on matters before the Board.