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Lauretta Harris

District 2 Candidate

Candidate Questions and Answers

Why do you want to be a board member for Albuquerque Public Schools?

As a parent, grandparent, and retired educator I would like to do everything I can to support the best quality education in Albuquerque.

What is your interest in education?

I believe education is the key to a better life for everyone in Albuquerque and New Mexico.  I would like to do what I can to see it improve.

In what ways will you support the mission and vision of the district?

By listening to parents and the community I will speak up for the best interests and the needs of all students.  And I will communicate and support the board decisions to my district.

How will you work with the superintendent?

I will assist the superintendent in communicating with parents in my district and give feedback from my community and experience to assist in planning and decisions.

What is your past and current involvement with Albuquerque Public Schools?

I taught math and technology for 21 years in APS.

What should be the relationship between the superintendent and Board of Education?

We should work as partners in creating the best learning experiences for the children in our district.

What qualities and skills would you bring to the Board of Education?

    1. Expertise in math and technology instruction.
    2. CTE experience
    3. Leadership in ATF
    4. Middle school experience

What school or community volunteer activities have you participated in related to the community?

I have been a union rep for 16 years and served as the ATF Secretary and ATF Treasurer.  

How do you plan to work with constituents?

I will hold meetings, attend PTO meetings, write email, and post on social media to inform and learn from my district.

What do you see as opportunities and challenges to the district?

I’m hopeful that recent political changes will result in more funding for our schools.  I’m worried about the shortage of educators, the lack of Title I funding for undocumented students, charter schools draining funding from our public school budgets, and the use of technology in our classrooms.

What do you think is the best way for the district to accomplish the Superintendent’s Big Five?

  1. Early learning - My son benefited from Pre-K education as a four-year-old so I have first hand experiences with the benefits of early learning.  I will always support expanding our services to children under 5.
  2. College and Career Readiness - Working as a CTE teacher at Jefferson Middle School, I helped students research possible careers and gave them resources to keep that research going through high school.  I see this as a focus of my work as a board member.
  3. Attendance - I see improving attendance as critical issue for APS students.  I will work to recruit and retain the best educators to make our classrooms an inviting place for students and stress the importance of attendance to parents in my district.
  4. Developing the Whole Child - There are so many things the board could do to develop the whole child.  I would like to work to increase the number of nurses, librarians, social workers and counselors in our schools.  They are crucial in supporting our kids.
  5. Community and Parent Engagement - I would like to see more schools become community schools.  Adding these supports for our families will keep parents involved and make our campuses more inviting.  

If elected, how will you work with the current board?

I will listen, learn, and share to make APS a great place for all our children.