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Who is the Redistricting Committee?

Learn about the APS Redistricting Committee citizen membership.

2022 APS Redistricting Committee

The APS Redistricting Committee is a citizen’s committee of individuals selected by members of the APS Board of Education. Two residents from each of the seven school board districts, 14 total, serve on the committee.

The following criteria were used in selecting members of the APS Redistricting Committee:

  • Must actively participate on the committee
  • Must know their community
  • Must have no conflicts of interest
  • Must be available to attend specified meetings

The role of the APS Redistricting Committee is to:

  • Evaluate redistricting concepts
  • Gather public input
  • Recommend a concept or concepts to the APS Board of Education
  • Follow redistricting guidelines
  • Be transparent

 As the APS Redistricting Committee gathers input from the community, committee members must also consider these principles as they discuss the concepts:

  • Equal population
  • Minority voting rights
  • Compactness
  • Contiguity
  • Communities of interests

2022 APS Redistricting Committee Membership

District 1

  • Adrienne Chavez
  • Frank Baca

District 2

  • Carolyn Stith
  • Joshua Neal

District 3

  • Amanda Aragon
  • Michael Chavez

District 4

  • Bernadette Hardy
  • Kimberly Obregon

District 5

  • Deanna Armijo
  • Matt Garcia-Sierra

District 6

  • Angi Gonzales Carver
  • Letha Oman

District 7

  • Scott Darnell
  • Jeremiah Ritchie