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Board Meeting Dates

Board of Education Audit Committee Meeting

Monday, July 28, 2014, 5:00 PM

Meeting Documents

Meeting Location

DeLayo Martin Community Room, Alice and Bruce King Educational Complex, 6400 Uptown NE

Additional Details

Audit Committee Meeting




Monday, July 28, 2014

5:00 PM

DeLayo Martin Community Room, Alice and Bruce King Educational Complex, 6400 Uptown Blvd. NE

Albuquerque, New Mexico



Call to Order



Adoption of July 28, 2014, Audit Committee Agenda and Approval of the April 29, 2014, Audit Committee Minutes (Discussion/Action)



Special Issues



Ethical Advocate Statistics (Discussion)
Presenter: Peg Koshmider



2013-2014 Stolen Property Report  (Discussion)        
Presenter: Peg Koshmider



Consideration for Approval to Convene in Executive Session pursuant to the Open Meetings Act NMSA 1978, (§ 10-15-1 (H) (2)) for the purpose of discussing limited personnel matters in connection with Internal Audit (Action)



Seventeen Operational/Federal Fund Audits (Discussion)   
Presenter: Joyce Ramirez



Fifty Activity Fund Audits (Discussion)
Presenter: Sonia Montoya



Nine Non-Compliant Activity Fund Audits (Discussion)
Presenter: Sonia Montoya



Reconvene to Open Session



Statement of Closure



Consideration of Acceptance of the Internal Audit Reports discussed in Executive Session (Action)



Seventeen Operational/Federal Fund Audits



Fifty Activity Fund Audits



Nine Non-Compliant Activity Funds Audit








July 28, 2014




COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT:        Dr. David Peercy, Michael Reeves, Kathy Korte, Martin Esquivel (phone) Dr. Analee Maestas, Lorenzo Garcia, Steven Michael Quezada, Susan Wrons (phone), Winston Brooks (ex-officio member), Don Moya, (ex-officio member), Dr. Don Duran, Chairman


Participants: Ruben Hendrickson, Peg Koshmider, Sonia Montoya, Joyce Ramirez, Brenda Yager, Todd Resch, Diane Kerschen, Raquel Reedy, Katarina Sandoval, Andi Trybus, Karen Rudys, Steve Gallegos, Carla Gandara, Gary Georgia, Ann Tafoya, Shelly Green


  1. I.               Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. 


  1. II.            Adoption of  July 28, 2014, Audit Committee Agenda and Approval of the April 29, 2014, Audit Committee Minutes (Discussion/Action)

Chairman Don Duran asked for adoption of the July 28, 2014, Audit Committee agenda and approval of the April 29, 2014 Audit Committee minutes.  Dr. David Peercy motioned for approval and Kathy Korte seconded the motion. All voted in the affirmative to approve the motion.


  1. III.           Special Issues


  1. A.   Ethical Advocate Statistics (Discussion)

Ms. Koshmider explained that notifications were posted in the APS newsletters encouraging the use of the Ethical Advocate whistleblower hotline. This resulted in an increase of reports in the last quarter. Thirty-nine (39) percent of the total year’s reports were received in the last three months.  A total of 85 reports have been received for the total year with five still outstanding. Dr. Peercy commented that the discrimination category had decreased and also the misuse of resources has decreased.


  1. B.   2013-2014 Stolen Property Report (Discussion)

Ms. Koshmider explained that the stolen report is required by the State Auditor’s office on an annual basis. The information is obtained from the APS Police morning report. The report includes everything that is reported as stolen regardless of whether it is APS property or not. Ms. Koshmider stated that any item that does not have a dollar amount has either been recovered or is not APS property. There was an increase from last year of several thousand dollars. This increase can be attributed to the theft of two APS vehicles that totaled approximately $41,000. One of the vehicles was recovered in July 2014 and will be shown as recovered on next year’s report. Without these items, the stolen report is still more than the total from last year. A graph also was included showing the totals stolen by district.  Kathy Korte commented that every year she is disturbed by the total of items stolen from the district. Ms. Korte does not know what the solution is to help decrease these thefts. Ms. Koshmider said that APS Police worked aggressively to catch the people who were involved in the theft of many of the computers that were stolen. Superintendent Winston Brooks asked that Chief Steve Gallegos address the thefts. Chief Steve Gallegos explained that there was an eight to-12 months long investigation into the theft of computers that were stolen. A group of individuals was hitting the schools and taking mostly computers. Assistance was requested from APD, and APS Police received help from four units of the APD Special Investigations Division.  There was a lot of surveillance and detective work from APD and APS Police detectives.  Three people were apprehended. Two are still in custody awaiting trial. Chief Gallegos commented that this group was responsible for about 80 stolen computers. A very small number of these computers were recovered. Ms. Korte asked about the monetary value of these computers. Chief Gallegos said that these burglaries were focusing on the IMac computers that are valued at about $1,800.00 each. Chief Gallegos commented that since the arrest of these three people, the burglaries have almost stopped. This summer has seen a huge decrease in thefts. Don Moya commented that the district needs to go one step further from the inventory software and get tracking software to add to the computers. Michael Reeves and Don Moya spoke of the tracking software and how it works. Dr. Analee Maestas asked if administration is working with the staff with regards to the safety of equipment. Chief Gallegos said that they will be working with staff to address issues on how to secure the computer equipment. Steven Michael Quezada spoke of FinderTag and gps technology that is put on the computer.


  1. IV.          Adjourn to Executive Session pursuant to the Open Meetings Act NMSA 1978

            (§10-15-1(H) (2)) for the purpose of discussing limited personnel matters in             

            connection with Internal Audit (Discussion/Action)


            Dr. Peercy motioned to move to executive session. Mr. Quezada seconded the motion.

A roll call vote was requested. Winston Brooks, Don Moya, Dr. Analee Maestas, Lorenzo Garcia, Steven Michael Quezada, Dr. David Peercy, Dr. Don Duran, Michael Reeves, Susan Wrons, Martin Esquivel and Kathy Korte voted to move into executive session.


The committee adjourned to executive session pursuant to (§ 10-15-1 (H) (2)) for the purpose of discussing limited personnel matters in connection with Internal Audit, including 17 operational/federal fund audits and 50 activity fund audits, with nine rated as non-compliant.


  1. V.            Reconvene to Open Session


  1. VI.          Statement of Closure

Dr. Duran stated that the APS Audit Committee met in executive session on July 28, 2014, for the purpose of discussing limited personnel matters in connection with Internal Audit as authorized by the limited personnel matters exception NMSA 1978,10-15-1(H) (2).  The matters discussed in the executive session were limited only to those specified.


  1. VII.         Consideration of Acceptance of the Internal Audit Reports discussed in Executive

           Session (Action)

  1. Seventeen Operational/Federal Funds Audits
  2. Nine Non-Compliant Activity Fund Audits (included in the total of 50 activity funds)
  3. Fifty Activity Fund Audits


Dr. David Peercy moved for acceptance of the audits VII. a and c. Dr. Maestas seconded the motion. Winston Brooks, Steven Michael Quezada, Lorenzo Garcia, Kathy Korte, Martin Esquivel, Dr. Don Duran, Dr. David Peercy, Michael Reeves, Dr. Analee Maestas, Don Moya and Susan Wrons voted in the affirmative. The motion passed.


  1. VIII.       Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 p.m.






Peg Koshmider, Director                                  Date   

Internal Audit Department



Dr. Don Duran, Chairperson                           Date

APS Audit Committee

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