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K-5 Resource Teacher

William W. & Josephine Dorn Community is currently seeking to fill their open K-5 Resource Teacher position.

Job Overview

  • Posting Date: January 23, 2024
  • Closing Date: Open until filled
  • Salary Range: Starts at $50,000. Salary will depend on the level of licensure, education, and years of experience.
  • Job Description or School Website

The primary role and purpose of a teacher is to provide students with appropriate educational activities and experiences that will enable them to fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical and social/emotional growth. Teachers will help students develop the skills necessary to be a productive member of society.

Position Status

Full Time/Academic Year Summary Description:
This position serves as a teacher for an elementary classroom in a K-5 school. The Teacher works under the supervision of the Principal to help design and implement an innovative, project-based, child-centered curriculum based on the New Mexico Public Education Department's Standards and Benchmarks.

Job Responsibilities

The teacher's responsibilities chiefly fall within the following core functions, although s/he may perform other tasks as needed:

  • Curriculum Planning
  • Instructional Program Implementation
  • Family and Community Partnerships
  • Communication and Service Coordination
  • Record Keeping and Reporting
  • Assessment

Curriculum Planning

Ensure the written curriculum includes:

  • Goals: goals for children's development and learning, the experiences through which children will achieve these goals, what staff and parents can do to help children achieve these goals, the materials needed to support the implementation of the curriculum towards achieving the stated goals
  • Responsible for the preparation of daily lesson plans and materials to support those plans. Post them for parents, volunteers and visitors in the classroom.
  • Develop an individual plan for each child including goal setting based on identified needs and prescriptions for objectives and activities to meet established academic content standards.
  • Plan and adjust work operations to meet changing or emergent program requirements within available resources and with minimum sacrifice to quantity or quality of work.

Program Implementation

  • Design and/or implement curriculum to provide developmentally and linguistically appropriate experiences for children.
  • Provide a positive environment and experiential activities in which children develop skills in the areas of art, language arts, health, math, science and social studies.
  • Provide positive guidance and discipline and support children in developing social problem solving skills.
  • Implement daily lesson plans in response to children's needs and interests incorporating observations, anecdotal record keeping, knowledge of child development and NM content standards.
  • Provide children with a consistent classroom schedule and routine.
  • Provide supervision and ensure the safety and security of children at all times.
  • Supervise and eat nutritionally prepared meals with the children.
  • Supervise all classroom field trips and outdoor activities.
  • Understand regulations associated with prevention of occupational disease and injury, including the exercise of universal precautions and the prevention of contamination.
  • Adhere to confidentiality policies with regard to child and family information (verbal and written), to include administrative and technical information.
  • Adhere to WWJDC Personnel Policies and Procedures.

Family and Community Partnerships

  • Provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the classroom (e.g. volunteering, helping plan the learning experiences) project based learning and other community based projects. Encourage parent participation in staff-parent conferences and home visits discussing their child's development and education.
  • Establish positive and productive relationships with families and community focusing on a relationship of trust and rapport.
  • Schedule and complete two home visits per year and at least two parent-teacher conferences per year.
  • Participate in parent/community orientation meetings/trainings.

Communication and Service Coordination

  • Share pertinent information with school staff ensuring coordinated services to meet the needs of individual children and families.
  • Participate in Academic & Social Growth Plan development and revision conferences as appropriate.
  • Maintain regular contact with parents and complete appropriate documentation.
  • Provide a classroom update and overview every month for the WWJDC community newsletter and WWJDC website.

Record-Keeping and Reporting

  • Request supplies as needed and participate in classroom/program inventory as requested.
  • Gather and maintain individual, family and classroom data for documentation, on-going assessment, evaluation and recording keeping for successful individual and program planning.


  • Perform informal classroom assessments on an on-going basis. Gather and organize anecdotal notes into the key domains and documents.
  • Implement formal assessments as part of the overall school assessment process.

Required Skills


  • NM Early Childhood (B-3) or Elementary Teaching (K-8) License (or the ability to get one within one year from date of hire); BA/BS in Education or a closely related field; MAIMS preferred.
  • Able to lift 40 pounds, 20 times a day if needed.
  • Computer literacy in email, word processing and internet navigation.
  • And perform any other related duties as may be required by their supervisor such as be able to work some evening hours as required.

Application Process

Email resume and cover letter to Paloma Aranda:

Contact Information

Paloma Aranda, Director, Email: