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Project-based Math Interventionist/Project-based Instructor

Siembra Leadership High School is currently seeking to fill their open Project-based Math Interventionist/Project-based Instructor position.

Job Overview

Siembra Leadership High School is an APS Charter School in its 8th year of operation for the 2023 – 2024 school year. We are intentionally positioned in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque with an industry focus of entrepreneurship through a social justice lens. We will grow in staff, students, programming and facilities through 2029. As we increase in the number of students it is critical to ensure that we are offering the very best programming and have the educator professionals to meet the program needs. We are looking for innovative, non-traditional, bold, risk-taking, authentic, passionate, dynamic and inspiring folks who will demonstrate commitment to improving educational experiences for students and families through student support, community engagement and project-based learning. We value creative and energetic educators who have a relationship-based approach to leadership development, as it applies to both themselves and students.

Siembra’s Values

Siembra is committed to making the community a better place by engaging young people in economic development and entrepreneurship. We view young people as assets and believe they are the key to economic development in Albuquerque. We are re-imaging what school looks like and see the institution as a vehicle for larger social change.

Job Description: Project-based Math Interventionist/Project-based Instructor

The role of the Project-based Math Interventionist is strategically positioned to provide leadership throughout the entire school, overseeing the development and implementation of a meticulously crafted, multi-tiered program in alignment with Siembra's Vision and Mission. The primary goal is to ensure that students not only acquire but master the essential numeracy skills imperative for navigating successful transitions beyond high school. Through the effective use of experiential and project-based learning methodologies, our students not only develop advanced critical thinking abilities but also gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors that contribute to the improvement of our community. Our overarching mission is centered on adopting a holistic approach to support the youth in their academic journey. We are committed to nurturing their intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being, laying the foundation for prosperous careers. This comprehensive approach reflects our dedication to cultivating well-rounded individuals prepared for success in both their academic pursuits and future endeavors. This position reports directly to the Director of Curriculum & Instruction.


The Project-based Math Interventionist holds a central role in advancing the school's mission through a range of responsibilities, including:

  • Being accountable for professional development of self
  • Being committed to co-creating a school with colleagues
  • Make student-centered decisions and build meaningful relationships with young people
  • Work closely with the Director of Curriculum & Instruction to lead the development of a comprehensive and holistic math intervention and support program. This program should encompass three key support systems: Teacher support, Small group student support, and individual student support.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to a "mastery-based" instructional method and assessment process. This approach engages students in skill development and content knowledge, moving away from traditional measures of seat time and letter grades.
  • Collaborate with Project Teachers to design authentic and engaging projects that integrate learning objectives/standards, with a specific focus on math skills acquisition.
  • Support Project Teachers in whole-group learning by assisting and co-facilitating math instruction and academic discussions with the entire class.
  • Provide targeted, data-driven math instruction to students in small groups and individually during project time. Ensure that each student's individual math needs are assessed and addressed promptly.
  • Collaborate with the Student Support Director to create and establish short/mini math lessons during Success Project time.
  • Offer ongoing professional development and coaching to project teachers, focusing on the implementation of math instruction and strategies embedded in projects and in success project class.
  • Work with the Special Ed Coordinator to ensure that services, accommodations, and modifications are provided to students with learning disabilities and language acquisition needs, emphasizing "inclusive" instruction.
  • Actively participate in ongoing professional development to stay current with best practices in math instruction and related strategies.
  • Participate in the management of students during non-class times on campus and fulfill other duties as assigned by contributing to the overall well-being of the school community.

Required Skills

Required Qualifications:

  • Valid New Mexico teaching license level 2 with mathematics endorsement
  • Experience and ability to work with and understand the developmental nature of our young people with * a focus on developing their assets
  • High professional skills (organization, accountability, etc)
  • Strong communication and collaborative skills
  • Strong relationship building with students and families
  • Ability to pass a background check

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with Project Based Learning, Performance Assessment and/or Mastery-based Assessment
  • Experience in program development and implementation
  • Experience facilitating instruction with special education students an inclusive setting
  • Experience in facilitating professional development
  • Bilingual Spanish and/or ASL
  • Knowledge and experience with Positive Youth Development and Positive Behavior Supports
  • Knowledge and understanding of construction trades, project management, principles of architecture and/or engineering

Application Process

For consideration, applicant(s) must submit the following materials directly to Derrick Adkins, Director of Curriculum & Instruction at

  • Letter or two minute video of interest demonstrating qualification and experience
  • Personal statement of educational philosophy in written format or two minute video
  • Current curriculum vitae or resume
  • 3 references - direct supervisors preferred
  • Copies of current license(s)

Salary, Benefits & other contract details:

  • Starting Salaries
  • Level I - $58,300
  • Level II - $69,961
  • Level III or Doctoral Degree - $81,621
  • Licensure renewal paid for by institution
  • Tuition reimbursement for higher education degrees
  • All testing fees for adding additional teaching endorsements and dual enrollment accreditation paid for by institution
  • Hard to staff stipend for Special Education & Math endorsements
  • 191 contract days

Contact Information

Derrick Adkins, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Email: