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Entrepreneurial Capstone Coordinator - Project Teacher

Siembra Leadership High School is currently seeking to fill their Entrepreneurial Capstone Coordinator - Project Teacher open position.

Job Overview

Siembra Leadership High School is an APS charter school currently in its 8th year of operation. Siembra is anchored in our three pillar model of learning consisting of project-based learning, student support and community engagement. Siembra’s school wide industry focus is entrepreneurship through economic development and social justice lenses. As Siembra continues to scale in growth of students, facilities, programming and staff we are strategically adding a Capstone Coordinator position to our staffing model. We are looking for an authentic, passionate, dynamic and inspiring professional who will demonstrate commitment to improving education and for students and families through direct practice and program development. We value creative and energetic professionals who have an enthusiastic approach to innovative education as it applies to self, colleagues and students.

Siembra’s Values:

Siembra is committed to making the community a better place by engaging young people in economic development and entrepreneurship. We view young people as assets and believe they are the key to economic development in Albuquerque. We are re-imaging what school looks like and see the institution as a vehicle for larger social change.

Job Description: Entrepreneurial Capstone Coordinator - Project Teacher

The Capstone Coordinator is a full-time position based at the school campus, with responsibilities encompassing both direct instruction in Senior and Junior Capstone programs and overseeing program development. In this role at Siembra, Capstone experiences involve students launching businesses inspired by their individual passions. The Coordinator is tasked with providing both individualized and group coaching, mentorship, guidance, and teaching to support these passion projects. This position reports directly to the Director of Curriculum & Instruction.


  • Being accountable for professional development of self
  • Being committed to co-creating a school with colleagues
  • Make student-centered decisions and build meaningful relationships with young people
  • Conduct hands-on teaching of Capstone projects, guiding students through the process of launching a business aligned with both traditional high school credits and Siembra’s entrepreneurial framework.
  • Develop a comprehensive Assessment Practice Guide for Senior and Junior Capstone programs, encompassing internal academic assessments and external evaluations from public/community partners and industry stakeholders. This involves designing rubrics and feedback tools.
  • Provide regular programmatic updates, guidance on systems and practices, and share Capstone- related data with various stakeholders, including school staff, students, families, industry partners, Governing Council members, APS, the NM Public Education Department, and others as appropriate.
  • Archive student businesses and entrepreneurial learning for later dissemination in public forums, charter renewal processes, site visits, and grant opportunities.
  • Lead, coordinate, and facilitate public demonstrations of mastery learning for Capstone students, both virtually and in-person, twice per semester. This includes managing student attendance, community partner engagement, and planning public events.
  • Conduct schoolwide professional development sessions for all staff on the entrepreneurial framework, entrepreneurial learning outcomes, project-based learning, and the Capstone program.
  • Coach and support students in developing and potentially implementing business plans using school- wide software (currently Growth Wheel).
  • Represent Siembra as a Color Theory member alongside the Director of Curriculum & Instruction, and Director of Community Engagement attending monthly Color Theory work group convenings with local
  • economic development and entrepreneurial partners to build an economic development infrastructure for an underinvested community in Albuquerque.
  • Represent Siembra, alongside the Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Director, in statewide Communities of Practice work/convenings regarding Capstones as a statewide graduation pathway.
  • Assess and support students in establishing business ownership structures such as Limited Liability Corporations (LLC), Sole Proprietorships, Corporations, Partnerships, or 501(c)3 entities.
  • Serve Capstone students in various programs, including in-person, virtual, and re-engagement programs.
  • Participate in monthly Entrepreneurial Committee meetings, a sub-committee of Siembra’s Governing Council.
  • Lead the internal Entrepreneurial Framework work group at Siembra, including weekly notes, deliverables, and outcomes, and overseeing the integration of entrepreneurial curriculum and framework practices throughout the school.
  • Build out the four-year student Capstone experience from entry to graduation, culminating in the Senior Capstone.
  • Engage Capstone students in the community and connect them with community partners and resources.
  • Oversee graduation requirements for Seniors by incorporating credits from Capstone projects and collaborating with colleagues (Registrar, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Success Coaches, and Project-Teachers) through practices such as meeting Siembra’s internal Entrepreneurial Certification requirements, sending Senior Credit Check letters to families three times per year, conducting internal Senior Credit Reviews, and developing Next Step Plans.
  • Serve as a Success Coach for a cohort of students, including acting as the point of contact for families, in collaboration with all teaching and social work staff at Siembra.
  • Optionally serving as a CNM Instructor for business/entrepreneurship courses with additional compensation.

Required Skills

Required/Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or equivalent in business/entrepreneurship experience * NM Public Education Department (NM PED) ​teaching license or ability/willingness to begin a teaching
  • licensure program paid for by Siembra
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Student-centered approach in engaging young people in entrepreneurship through business development and launch
  • Affinity to disrupting traditional education systems, innovative practice and value of equity practice

Preferred Qualifications​:

  • Program development & systems building experience
  • Experience in project-based learning, Senior Capstones and alternative demonstrations of mastery.
  • Education or experience in entrepreneurship, business and/or economic development
  • Bilingual/bicultural
  • 3 – 5 years direct practice experience with youth

Starting/entry pay for this position is as follows based 215 contract days per year:
* Level I, BSW or equivalent business/entrepreneurial experience: $65,000
* Level II, LMSW or equivalent business/entrepreneurial experience: $77,000
* Level III, LCSW, doctoral degree or equivalent business/entrepreneurial experience: $90,000

Application Process

For consideration, applicant(s) must submit the following materials directly to Derrick Adkins, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

  • Letter or two minute of interest demonstrating qualifications and experience
  • Personal statement of educational philosophy in written format or two minute video
  • Personal statement of social justice in education in written format or two minute video
  • Current curriculum vitae or resume
  • Three professional references (direct supervisors preferred)
  • Copies of current license(s), or business experience

Contact Information

Derrick Adkins, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Email: