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Assistant Athletic Director

Native American Community Academy is currently seeking to fill their open Assistant Athletic Director position.

Job Overview

We are seeking a leader to serve as the Assistant Athletic Director at NACA. The position includes developing a strategic plan for athletics at the Native American Community Academy (NACA) as well as building logistics around scheduling games, practices, and trainings for all. The individual will work to build a sound communication plan that works with families, staff, and relevant entities that are connected to the athletic program at NACA.

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s or higher in education or related field.
  • Knowledge of PED Standards for Health and Physical Education Standards K-12.
  • Experience implementing culturally relevant education in physical education.
  • 3 or more years experience handling discipline using a restorative justice framework. Commitment to a high level of collaboration and problem solving on a daily basis.
  • Commitment to build high levels of respectful communication in relationships with students, peers, and school administrators.

Application Process

Send your employment application, letter of interest, and resume to Mr. Rosette at to schedule an interview.

Contact Information

Zane Rosette, Executive Director, Email: