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Community School Coordinator

Mark Armijo Academy is currently seeking to fill their open Community School Coordinator position.

Job Overview

We are currently seeking a dedicated and well-organized individual to fill the role of Community Schools Coordinator. This position plays a crucial part in overseeing the coordination of community school efforts, ensuring the successful implementation and management of various activities, events, programs, and services. The primary responsibility involves establishing and nurturing strong relationships with school staff, community partners, and families to facilitate the efficient delivery of support to students both within and beyond the classroom.

Essential Functions:

  • Community Engagement: Identify potential contributors from community organizations, social services agencies, businesses, and individuals for the development of the community school strategy.
  • Facilitate the Community School Council to ensure effective collaboration.
  • Stakeholder Recruitment: Engage in outreach activities to contact, interview, and recruit potential community school participants, parents, and citizens.
  • Provide guidance to the Executive Director on integrating partners and community members into school governance structures.
  • Program Implementation: Execute a diverse range of data-informed, high-quality programs and services adhering to the community school framework.
  • Ensure seamless alignment and integration of all programming with the school’s vision, goals, and extended school-day curricula.
  • Data Collection and Evaluation: Support the research and evaluation of the community school by orchestrating data collection and ensuring timely report submission.
  • Actively participate in capacity-building activities, including training sessions, network meetings, and study visits.
  • Staff and Volunteer Support: Recruit, train, and provide ongoing support to staff and volunteers as mandated by the Executive Director.
  • Conduct a thorough gap analysis of needs and establish outreach strategies to providers for relevant services.
  • Administrative Duties: Develop and maintain a comprehensive understanding of Mark Armijo Academy policies and procedures.
  • Collate data on needs and interests to facilitate a gap analysis of existing programs/services.
  • Grant Sourcing and Writing: Source grants and contribute to grant writing activities as necessary.

Additional Duties:

  • Undertake any other duties as assigned.
  • Preferred Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Experience:
  • Possess flexibility, organizational skills, and effective decision-making and problem-solving abilities.
  • Exhibit strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Demonstrate the ability to build and maintain community partnerships.
  • Showcase interpersonal skills suitable for diverse populations, both in-person and on the telephone.
  • Capable of meeting deadlines, multitasking, and coordinating the work of others.
  • Proficient in word processing, database, and spreadsheet software.
  • Familiarity with Student Information System (Synergy) and school policies.
  • Knowledgeable about the needs of youth and diverse ethnic populations.
  • Acquainted with the resources within the Albuquerque Community.

Additional Information for Community Schools Director/Coordinator Position:
Partners, Programs, and Relationships: Engage in discussions with partners, prospective partners, and other organizations. Explore programming or partnerships beneficial to the Mark Armijo Academy Community. Delve into needs and all aspects of potential partnerships with organizations and partners.

Strategic Planning:

  • Strategically plan all aspects of programs and desired goals using a backward planning approach.
  • Document comprehensive plans addressing various needs, including space requirements, necessary staff, and targeted student participation.
  • Determine Student Information System (Synergy) needs, collaborating with the Community Council if required.
  • Implementation and Maintenance: Implement and uphold a process encouraging referrals to programs and services offered at the school. Provide timely feedback to those making referrals. Evaluate if programming necessitates an MOU or legal paperwork.

Internal Communication and Staff Recruitment:

  • Engage in discussions about partnerships or programming with the MAA Leadership Team.
  • Discuss required support or address potential roadblocks.
  • Directly communicate with staff being recruited for partnership support.
  • Communicate plans with the Community Council and secure necessary support.
  • Recruitment (Student and Families):
  • Spearhead efforts to recruit families and students for participation.
  • Employ various methods such as creating flyers, setting up booths, using advisory sessions, making phone calls, and organizing group discussions.
  • Develop relationships with students and families.
  • Create a resource guide/program guide for families with the assistance of other staff.
  • Implementation:
  • Oversee the implementation of programming and assume responsibility for all aspects of the plan.
  • Ensure all processes are followed by providers and organizations.
  • Guarantee that providers and organizations adhere to all Mark Armijo Academy procedures and safety protocols.

Feedback or Data Collection:

  • Systematically collect quantitative data, including attendance, behavior data, and grades.
  • Develop surveys and conduct interviews/focus groups to gather qualitative data.
  • Maintain ongoing data collection, including quarterly assessments, post-program evaluations, semester reviews, and annual assessments.

Data Analysis:

  • Conduct both qualitative and quantitative analysis of collected data.


  • Evaluate the effectiveness of programs or partnerships using the collected and analyzed data.
  • Collaborate with the Community Council and MAA Leadership Team to assess programming based on data analysis.
  • Determine future steps based on evaluation outcomes.
  • Utilize data to identify future partnerships or areas of need.
  • Apply data to support future grant applications and initiatives.

Required Skills

Hold a Bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs, Education, or a Health-related field, along with two years of experience working with communities or schools.
Alternatively, possess an Associate's degree in Public Affairs, Education, or a Health-related field, with a minimum of five years of experience working with communities or schools while actively pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.

Application Process

Send cover letter and resume to Shawn Morris at

Contact Information

Shawn Morris, Exectuive Director , Email: