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TMZ Manager

La Academia de Esperanza is currently seeking to fill their open TMZ Manager position.

Job Overview

Our School:
La Academia de Esperanza (LADE), is an APS district-authorized public charter school serving grades 9-12 in Northwest Albuquerque. LADE provides an educational environment specifically designed for students in Albuquerque whose educational needs have not been fully met. Our design reflects an understanding of the adversity and social-emotional needs that can lead to difficulties in the conventional school setting. Our commitment to the dignity of each student creates a culture of acceptance for every student regardless of his or her educational history. We meet individual student needs through culturally relevant and sustaining curriculum, social-emotional supports, small class sizes, extracurricular activities (i.e. robotics and sports), art classes, and engaging hands-on STEM projects supported by our makerspace. To promote alternative paths to graduation, the school utilizes alternative demonstrations of competency and NMPED portfolios in core subject areas.

Job Description:
We serve a population of students who have not been successful in more traditional school settings. We have a well-equipped makerspace as one of our tools for student engagement. Currently the makerspace is organized and maintained by the science department and we use project-based learning in our math and science curriculum. We would like to hire someone with a technical-vocational, trades, or industrial arts background who can help us with the physical setup and maintenance of the space. We are seeking an individual with knowledge of/experience managing Maker Spaces, with knowledge of digital fabrication tools and equipment including: CAD/CAM tools such as CNC router, laser cutter, 3D printers. Knowledge of power tools, woodworking tools, and metal working tools is needed. This job includes working with core content teachers in science and math to co-plan curriculum that integrates trades/career/vocational skills with core content. For example, students might learn math on a need-to-know basis while designing a project for the Shopbot CNC or laser cutter.

With a vision to expand our makerspace over the next several years, we plan to expand both the size and scope of our space -- not only by adding additional tools and equipment -- but also to integrate technical-vocational training in the distant future. The ideal candidate will have or be eligible to apply for a secondary technical-vocational license (we have some flexibility to work with otherwise qualified candidates).

Required Skills

Minimum Education/Training/Certification:
● Current NMPED Educational Assistant License OR Substitute Teaching License; willingness to obtain one of these within 60 days of hire

Essential Job Functions and preferred skills:
● Broad workshop/trades/industrial arts experience
● Have a secondary technical-vocational license or can obtain this license via alternative licensure program
● Experience setting up and maintaining a workshop and related tools and equipment
● Safety mindset
● Willingness to develop on-going advisement relationships with students and their families
● Ability and willingness to collaborate with core content teachers to plan interdisciplinary instruction
● Experience with and willingness to learn a variety of digital fabrication tools and equipment including CAD/CAM tools such as CNC router, laser cutter, 3D printers
● Knowledge of power tools, woodworking tools, and metal working tools.
● Experience teaching or training others in some type of workshop setting -- including planning a series of projects to build skills sequentially, safety training, supervising new users while they learn new tools and techniques

Desired Skills/Experiences:
● Metalworking experience including: bench work, metal forming, welding, casting.
● Connections within the industrial arts/trades community to facilitate development of community partnerships which could include internships, career exploration and/or placement opportunities
● Bilingual Spanish-English

Application Process

To apply: send a cover letter, educational philosophy, resume, and two professional references to
Mr. Giron, Head Administrator at

Contact Information

Adam Giron, Head Administrator, Email: