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Dean of Students

La Academia de Esperanza is currently seeking to fill their open Dean of Students position.

Job Overview

Our School:
La Academia de Esperanza (LADE), an APS district-authorized public charter school serving grades 9-12 in Northwest Albuquerque, is seeking a Dean of Students. LADE provides an educational environment specifically designed for students in Albuquerque whose educational needs have not been fully met. Our design reflects an understanding of the adversity and social-emotional needs that can lead to difficulties in the conventional school setting. Our commitment to the dignity of each student creates a culture of belonging for every student regardless of their educational history. We meet individual student needs through culturally relevant and sustaining curriculum, small class sizes, engaging extracurricular activities, and social-emotional supports. In addition to our standard curriculum approaches, we also offer creative instruction in areas such as makerspace, art, and robotics. To promote alternative paths to graduation, the school utilizes alternative demonstrations of competency in core subject areas. This occurs in a community based, ethically and culturally-sensitive educational environment.

Job Description:
The Dean of Students will work under the principal as an administrative designee to represent the school in several capacities, both instructional and administrative. He or she will be responsible for assisting the administration with the day-to-day school operations, security, and school wide systems that support the school vision and mission.

The duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:
● Shares with the principal the responsibility for protecting the health and welfare of students.
● Assists students in establishing and maintaining high standards of conduct.
● Enforce guidelines and requirements for student behavior, dress, conduct, and compliance
with requirements as documented in the student and parent handbook.
● Properly addresses the improvement of student attendance and discipline according to school policies.
● Reports illegal acts to the proper authorities.
● Provides and maintains appropriate communication with family and community, including law enforcement agencies and the judicial systems.
● Oversees the coordination of school community events (i.e. Open House, Fall festival, Prom, Graduation, etc.).
● Coordinates with law enforcement, security team, and administration to ensure security coverage is present at all school events, at which coverage is necessary.
● Confers with students and parents on security matters.
● Assists in developing and administering practices dealing with campus control and security.
● Manage traffic and parking guidelines and processes for student drop-off, pick-up, and school events.
● Patrols buildings and grounds.
● Investigates and resolves all discipline problems in a fair and just manner, upholding school policies.
● Investigates student complaints and grievances.
● Interviews students and witnesses in disciplinary investigations.
● Investigate, adjudicate, and monitor minor infractions of the school policy in the form of restorative practices for discipline (using detentions, community service, in-school
suspension, etc.)
● Facilitates restorative student/teacher reentry meetings for minor behavior infractions.
● Facilitates Peer Mediation to resolve student conflicts.
● Suspends students from school in accordance with school policy and state law.
● Re-enters students upon completion of out-of-school suspensions - parent/student/admin meeting.
● Maintains disciplinary records required by policy, regulation, law or good practice.
● Collects and maintains current school year and longitudinal behavior data.
● Coordinates with the Principal to analyze data, create, and implement school-wide systems that support student learning and success.
● Presents the school’s case in due process proceedings for suspension and expulsion
● Oversees all matters and service teams as related to student attendance:

  • Investigates attendance issues.
  • Coordinates with staff to contact students and guardians about absenteeism as
  • outlined by school policy.
  • Schedules and facilitates attendance success plans and contract meetings for
  • absenteeism.
  • Assigns students appropriate consequences for truancy.
  • Works with community and government agencies on problems relating to drug abuse
  • and truancy.
  • Coordinates with the social worker and principal to inform government agencies as it
  • relates to student truancy.
  • Coordinates with students, guardians, and social worker(s) to conduct home visits for
  • chronically absent students.
  • Decides if absences are excusable under state law and board policy.
  • Oversees student attendance record to ensure all absences are adjudicated

● Works with Student Assistance Team coordinator and Teachers to develop proactive
disciplinary interventions.
● Compares information or data with other records for verification, counsels individual
students and, when necessary, works with pupil personnel services/social workers to make appropriate referrals for testing, guidance, or psychological counseling.
● Advises on modification of programs to meet individual student needs.
● Meets weekly with Security and Support staff to maintain timely and efficient schoolwide security and operations.
● Attends monthly Governing Council meetings as needed.
● Coordinates and oversees student onboarding/orientation for new students transitioning to school.
● Coordinates and facilitates parent onboarding/orientation meetings.
● Serve on the school board’s Policy Committee: makes recommendations for appropriate revisions of and assists in the interpretation of programs, policies and procedures affecting students’ lives in school.
● Confers with parents, teachers, counselors, support service personnel and students on matters of discipline and welfare.
● Implements and enforces School Board Policies outlined in the student and parent
● Prepares administrative reports.
● Serves as liaison between school and juvenile court.
● Represents the school system at community meetings and conferences.
● Serves as a member of the administration team; support duties and tasks as part of the school administration team.
● Purchases, under approved procedures, items of supply and equipment necessary for the operation of the school system.
● Works with the Vice/Assistant Principal for Operations to plan and coordinate work of
assigned staff members.
● Assists with evaluation of security and support staff.
● Perform other duties as assigned

Required Skills

Minimum Education/Training/Experience:
● 3-5 years teaching experience at the high school level .
● Ability to read, interpret, and explain materials from professional journals and books,
including school code and legal documents.
● Ability to make effective presentations.
● Ability to interpret and analyze data.
● Ability to interact effectively with a variety of audiences and individuals.
● Ability to interpret and administer board policy, administrative procedures and State Law.

Desired Skills/Training/Experiences:
● Educational Administration License (New Mexico PED)
● 3-5 Years Experience in a Teacher Leadership Role
● Bi-lingual (Spanish/English)
● Master’s Degree in Educational Administration

Application Process

To apply: send a cover letter, educational philosophy, resume, and two professional
references to Mr. Giron, Head Administrator at

Contact Information

Adam Giron, Head Administrator, Email: