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Math Instructor/Advisor

Health Leadership High School is currently seeking to fill their open Math Instructor/Advisor position.

Job Overview

Embracing a growth mindset; honest reflection, ongoing feedback, assessment of work
and a willingness to be flexible in change and taking risks toward innovative outcomes.

  • Support in adhering to the community wellness lens to improve education, resources and opportunities that exist in real time within our community
  • Commitment to authentic relationships with students, staff and families as the foundation of learning.
  • Collaborate with co-teachers to provide inclusive instruction to accommodate students with IEPs, language acquisition needs, and attention to the cultural linguistic framework of the school
  • Facilitates the growth of an emotionally and physically safe school culture through daily projects, activities and advisory work.
  • Lead a daily advisory class and oversee an advisory caseload through their Four-year high school experience.
  • Participate in weekly professional development (PD) training and lead PD training in areas of expertise and knowledge.
  • Design a classroom structure and setting that is open to community partners and visitors
  • Commitment to other essential duties as necessary in attending to a small school environment
  • Teach targeted math intervention to individuals or small groups of students using high quality researched based strategies and resources aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Use data to assist with identifying or selecting the most at-risk students for placement within intervention groups
  • Participate in meetings with teachers, administration, and families to discuss student placement and progress
  • Assess student achievement through screening, progress monitoring and use of appropriate diagnostic tools and maintain accurate, up-to-date records of student growth
  • Use data to analyze instructional needs of students and develop best practices
  • Set learning goals and create lesson plans that support continuous academic achievement of students
  • May provide support to classroom teachers regarding best practices in area of specialty

Required Skills


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • New Mexico secondary teaching license
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Math Endorsement


  • Experience supporting social /emotional needs of students
  • Endorsements in multiple content areas
  • Modern and Classical language(s) endorsement
  • Special Education License

Application Process

For consideration, applicants must submit the following materials directly to Leticia Archuleta,
Executive Director/Principal at

  • Letter of interest demonstrating qualifications and experience
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae
  • 3 references – direct supervisors preferred
  • Copies of current license(s)

All applicants will be screened based on qualifications and experience. The most qualified applicants will be scheduled for position interviews. All other applicant submissions will be placed in a talent bank for future consideration

Contact Information

Leticia Archuleta, Executive Director , Email: