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Educator Fellow

Cien Aguas International is currently seeking to fill their open Educator Fellow position.

Job Overview

The Cien Aguas International School community will employ professionals who:

  • Will commit to realizing the principles and practices of the Cien Aguas Charter
  • Believe in a world-class education for all children through a high-standards curriculum delivered in two languages

Position Description

What is the New Mexico Educator Fellows Program? Visit the Educator Fellows website

The Educator Fellows is a program of the NM Public Education Department to create opportunities for those interested in becoming educators by providing resources to districts and state charter schools. The ultimate goal of the program is to create a workforce of highly trained and prepared teachers. Ed. Fellows are required to enroll in a post secondary program up to one semester after the date of hire. To be eligible for the tuition stipend, Ed. Fellows are required to attend professional development provided by the program- Three, one hour Community of Practice session each semester. Ed. Fellows are paired with an experienced educator who serves as their mentor and will have opportunities to observe best practices in the classroom setting, aid in planning, and work with small groups on targeted instruction.

Required Skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Have experience working with English Language Learners
  • Are knowledgeable about dual language education and committed to multilingual enrichment
  • Believe in collaborative decision-making and are team builders
  • Are members of the community in good standing
  • Are knowledgeable about, or willing to become knowledgeable about Project GLAD instructional strategies
  • Are dedicated to environmental sustainability through education and personal example

Required Qualifications:

  • Valid New Mexico Educational Assistant license or able to obtain one before employment
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Bilingual/Biliterate Spanish and English

Benefit Information

Benefits are paid by school

Application Process

To apply for an Educator Fellow position, please provide:

  1. Resumé with 3 references
  2. Letter of interest including:
    • Why you want to work for CAIS
    • How your abilities and experience qualify you for this position
  3. Complete the Printable employment application

Email all of the above to Tonya Troske, Assistant Director of CAIS

Contact Information

Tonya Troske, Assistant Director, Email: