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Yolanda Montoya-Cordova

Yolanda Montoya-CordovaYolanda Montoya-Cordova
District 1

Board of Education, Term Expires: 2023

Phone: (505) 880-3729
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  • APS Board Member 2018-Present
  • Master’s degree in Social Work
  • Deputy Secretary - New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions 2019-Present
  • State Administrator - New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions 2016-Present

Yolanda Montoya-Cordova is a lifelong resident of District 1; she attended local schools, Kit Carson Elementary, Ernie Pyle Middle School and graduated from Rio Grande High School in 1976. She lived in Texas for 15 years and upon her return to New Mexico in 2004, she and her late husband built a home in the South Valley.  Ms. Montoya-Cordova is the proud mother of one daughter who resides in Portland, Oregon, and a bonus mom to her late husband’s three children who all reside in New Mexico; all of whom have children attending public schools.

Ms. Montoya-Cordova believes that education is a major contributor to important skill development related to positive relationships, community and civic engagement, personal decision-making, and economic success for individuals, their families and the community.  Ms. Montoya-Cordova is devoted to District 1 and feels that its greatest challenge is a poor or negative perception held by many city residents. Ms. Montoya-Cordova works hard to shine a light on the many successes and resilience of District 1 students and schools.  

“As an educator at the post-secondary level, my goal was to share my expertise with young adults pursuing a career in social work and public administration; knowing that the classroom not only provides students with important skills and knowledge, but also provides them opportunities to be mentored for future employment.  Public school is just a beginning and through the classroom the power and excitement of continuous learning can be ignited.” – YMC 2020

“My favorite part [of being a board member] is getting to meet with my community, getting to know the teachers, the students, and the parents. I enjoy listening to their concerns, and their ideas about what directions they’d like to see us go. Just having the capacity to listen to people and bring that back to the board is an honor. Shaping policy that makes sense for students and families and most of all being accountable to the voices I represent are what I most value.” – YMC 2020

Organizations Present and Past

  • Director of School Health with the Department of Health
  • Pegasus Legal Services for Children, Board Member
  • New Mexico Highlands University School of Social Work, Adjunct Professor
  • Director of Student Services at University of Texas at El Paso
  • Rehabilitation Counselor, Texas Rehabilitation Commission
  • El Paso Community College, Instructor/Deaf Education and Sign Language Instruction