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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: August 10, 2021

Student, Parent, and Employee Service Center Staff

Members of the Student, Parent, and Employee Service Center team were recognized by the Board of Education.

The Service Center answers questions, helps to handle student, parent, and family concerns, and facilitates resolution of conflicts between students or families and schools or district departments.  They also assist with families interested in home school or returning to the district from home school, with disciplinary hearings, with foreign exchange and non-immigrant students, and with whistleblower complaints. The center typically responds to more than 500 calls a week from students, parents, our schools, and the community.  That volume increases as the start of school moves closer. Last year they facilitated 6,559 transfers and have already facilitated 4,540 transfers for this coming school year.

Some questions they encounter include:

  • My family just moved into Albuquerque.  Do we pay tuition to attend school?
  • Can I send my child to any school?
  • What documents do I need to register my child?
  • When is graduation?
  • How do I find a teaching job in APS?
  • What do I do to get benefits after I retire?
  • How do I go about buying a portable building?
  • Can you help me with my EBT card?
  • What is a learning zone?  How do students learn in a learning zone?
  • I have a beautiful prom dress.  How can I donate to a school?
  • How can I volunteer in my child’s school?
  • Can you help my family get school supplies and clothing?
  • Will the principal meet with me if I have questions?
  • Where can I find childcare for my children?
  • From a student:  Please open my school early; I want to start school so I can learn!  I love school.

It’s not just what they do, it’s how they do it that makes these staff members exemplary.  Hearing Officer Elena Torres shared, “The best part of my job is that I enjoy speaking to the kids. Understanding what they are going through in life.  I have learned a lot about the crises the kids are going through.”  The Student, Parent and Employee Service Center strives to meet and to exceed a standard of excellence.  They do this by embracing and welcoming the challenges that each day brings.  Sometimes that means taking calculated risks to do things more efficiently.  Student Success Administrative Team Member Dr. Nell New, summed it up well when she said, “We want each customer, whether in person or over the phone, to feel positive knowing that they have a voice and have been listened to.”

In order for the team to accomplish their customer service goals it is important for each staff member to stay focused, be calm, and remain flexible as they address and juggle the many tasks and multiple demands experienced each day.  Sometimes just listening, and not imposing a solution or answer, helps to bring calmness, and resolve the issue or concern.  They also work on building a spirit of comradery by sharing goals, sharing meals together, and working toward positive relations. 

Sometimes a school or family will bring treats or provide lunch from their cultures!  Thank you to each member of the Student, Parent, and Employee Service Center team for the exceptional work you do!

  • Executive Director:  Shelly Green
  • Interim Executive Director:  Paul Roney
  • Interim Co-Directors:  Leah Gutierrez And Marcella Jones
  • Former Transfer Secretary:  John Rodriguez
  • Specialists:  Emily Senteney, Katherine Candelaria, And Egan Wynn
  • Former Specialists:  Justin Duggins And Paul Pickerel
  • Student Success Administrators: Dr. Nell New
  • District Hearing Office:  Elena Torres
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