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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: June 7, 2021

School Garden Conference Planning Team

The thirty four members of the School Garden Conference planning team were recognized.

In the midst of a global pandemic, thirty four planners and presenters worked together and volunteered countless hours to create a thorough and thoughtful school garden conference.  The virtual conference took place throughout the month of April and created a space for people gather, celebrate school gardens, and learn.  It was also an opportunity to plant seeds for the future so garden education can continue be an integral part of students' educational experience.

Families, teachers, principals, 276 students and planners focused on four themes: 

  • celebrating community, culture and connection
  • coming back to the school garden
  • building a school garden initiative
  • and teacher-driven instructional practices and tools

The 13 sessions embraced a variety of school garden-related topics including:

  • curanderismo
  • growing to site, season and community
  • social-emotional learning and restorative practices
  • outdoor learning practices and outdoor learning health safety practices
  • container gardening and hydroponic systems
  • composting and soil health; garden planning and design
  • drip irrigation
  • and traditional New Mexico garden concepts

The last day of the conference was a day filled with student-led presentations celebrating Earth Day. Thank you to the planning team for creating and implementing this exceptional conference!

Team members:

  • Alicia Chavez
  • Allison Brody
  • Anna Flores
  • Aryanna Hernandez
  • Bridget Llanes
  • Britney Lardner
  • Chasity Salvador
  • Cordell Bock
  • Daphne Strader
  • Emy Gallegos
  • Ever Godina
  • Fallon Bader
  • Gabino Noriega
  • Gabriella Blakey
  • Jamie Phillips
  • Jeff Newcomer Miller
  • Jordy Hicks
  • Jose Baca
  • Justin Rogers
  • Kalyn Finnell
  • Kate Porterfield
  • Kateri Sava
  • Layla M. Dehaiman
  • Liana Sonne
  • Lily Humphries
  • Marissa Mora
  • Mateo Carrasco
  • Michelle Felicia Renteria
  • Nissa Patterson
  • Paul Polechla Jr, PhD.
  • Randy Costales
  • Susan Schipull
  • Travis McKenzie
  • Yvette Kaufman-Bell