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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: August 10, 2021

Principal Support Staff

Sharon Olguin, Sheri Jett, Kenneth Salazar, Bryan Garcia, and Christopher Sanchez, were recognized.

The principal support staff works closely with the school principals to help them navigate the joys and challenges each school year brings. Specifically, they assist the zone associate superintendents in providing instructional, operational, and technical assistance to schools and principals throughout the last year.  Sharon Olguin is the district mentor principal, Sheri Jett is the support principal for Zone 1, Kenny Salazar is the support principal for Zone 2, Bryan Garcia is the support principal for Zone 3, and Chris Sanchez is the support principal for Zone 4.  During the pandemic, the evolving guidance created an environment where flexibility, patience, and perspective has been more important than ever.  This team assisted principals by helping them provide the necessary leadership at the school site level.  Thank you, Sharon, Sheri, Kenny, Bryan, and Chris, for being such a tremendous asset to Albuquerque Public Schools.         

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