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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: September 4, 2020

Pizza Donations and Delivery

Domino’s Pizza, volunteers, and APS staff donated and delivered pizzas to students in the McKinney Vento Project and food-insecure families

Sixteen McKinney Vento staff, more than 30 volunteers, and thirteen Domino’s restaurants worked together to deliver more than 1000 pizzas to homeless APS students and food-insecure APS students at Governor Bent Elementary School, John Adams Middle School, Eugene Fields Elementary School, Longfellow Elementary School, Lew Wallace Elementary School, La Mesa Elementary School, Adobe Acres Elementary School, Pajarito Elementary School, and Kirtland Elementary School.  Each of these volunteers, staff, and community partners saw a need and willingly gave their time and effort. Thank you to all the people who helped put food in the hands of some of our most vulnerable students!

  • McKinney-Vento Staff: Mique Martinez-Broome (co-coordinator of the donations and deliveries), Frances Bachicha, Jeff Beg, Penelope Buschardt, Star Gonzales, Aaron Kaplan, Lorna Kindel, Wendy Pickard, Jami Ramos, Sally Rose, Shannon Trujillo, Melissa Tso, James Urbany, Maria Valencia-Mestas, Roger Weinstein, and Joey Wilson
  • Domino’s Staff:  Anna Franco (co-coordinator of the donations and deliveries), Tim Tweet (Senior Area Supervisor), Tony Minichiello, Teddi Beyale, Brittanie Durden, Beralia Mejia, Kyle Gallagher, Sal Basurto, James Brasher, Frank Delgatto, Christel Dandios, Jaime Zanotti, James Cain, and Phillip Gallegos
  • Volunteers: Lynn Lewis, Patrick Keptner, Paul Broome, Barbara Petersen, Janine Reynolds, Laura Combs, Rita Brockoff, Debbie Smith, Doug Anaya, Brenda Brown, Liz Chavez (City of Albuquerque),  Sergeant Gerald Shelden and the APD SRO Impact Team - Officers Andy Lehocky, Joe Lehocky, Art Acosa, Miguel Rael, Kiel Higgins, Stan Gray, and Larry Smyth
  • APS School Staff: AnaMargarita Otero, Erica Apodaca, Cindy Smith, Maria Marquez, Stephanie Pearson, Debra Larribas, Dorothy Stewart, Sandra Hernandez, Andrew Braman, Melanie Lewis, Deborah Pohl, and Ken Merhege 

In addition to helping to facilitate the Domino’s deliveries, the McKinney Vento staff has been reaching out to homeless students and their families to check on them, help get them digitally connected, make deliveries of food boxes and school supplies, provide resources and navigate barriers throughout the Spring and Summer.  Thank you for all you do to help our homeless students thrive!