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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: September 4, 2020

Maintenance and Operations COVID Teams

Maintenance and Operations staff helped clean facilities, prepare COVID-safe spaces, and manage materials during this time of COVID.

Many Maintenance and Operations (M&O) staff have worked throughout the pandemic while taking seriously safety and social distancing practices. The welding shop has made Plexiglas stands in house, saving the district tens of thousands of dollars. Glaziers made all the Plexiglas walls, again saving tens of thousands of dollars. Carpenters installed Plexiglas panels and walls throughout the district. The Structural Division has been installing safety guards, Plexiglas, dispensers, and more.  M&O, Finance, and Procurement have worked diligently to put together specs, quotes, purchases, procurement, and warehouse stock. The specialty cleaning crews work to disinfect district facilities. All of these people have continued performing their regular jobs and have been an integral part of Covid-19 planning, scheduling, ordering, disinfecting, installing, and manufacturing Covid-19 products and safeguards. Congratulations to each person in these amazing M&O teams!

  • Crew for COVID-19 positive case disinfection team: Eddie Gutierrez, Daniel Montano, Anthony Gilbert Martinez, Chris Jaramillo, Victor Velarde and Kevin Moeller
  • Preparing COVID safe spaces and COVID-19 Classroom prep: Anthony Montoya, Gary Chavez, Anthony Torres, Jonathan Chavez, Jason Bennett, Anasar Emanuel, Jason Enjady, Noel Garza, Alvaro Rivera, James Lopez, Jerry Candelaria, Michael Chavez, and Joshua Saavedra
  • HVAC Ventilation: Gary Starr and John Dufay 
  • Material Management Warehouse: Kristen Kenneth, Mary Grace Madrid, and Bernadette Day
  • Finance management and procurement: Regina Sanchez