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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: March 26, 2021

KOATS for Kids

KOAT 7, Albertsons, Archuleta Restoration and Restore, and the New Mexico National Guard were recognized for their donation of coats.

KOAT has been helping keep our most vulnerable kids stay warm in the winter with its KOATS for Kids Program for more than 30 years. This year has been especially challenging as more families are finding themselves needing community support as the impact of the pandemic continues.  As the weather turned colder, these families faced the additional hardship of having to provide warm coats and clothing for their already vulnerable children. A big thank you to KOAT for meeting this need.

Along with their amazing partners Albertsons, Archuleta Restoration and Restore and the New Mexico National Guard, KOAT spent months collecting, cleaning, sorting and delivering coats around the state. APS received more than 700 coats to distribute to more than 80 schools.   Another 600 coats are expected to be delivered soon!  These longstanding partnerships are so important to our APS families.  Thank you KOAT, Albertsons, Archuleta Restoration and Restore, the New Mexico National Guard and all those community members who donated coats. Our students are warmer and they can focus on learning, playing, and staying active during the cold winter, because of your exceptional work.