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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: October 22, 2021

Joe Guillen, Executive Director of the New Mexico School Boards Association

Mr. Guillen was recognized for being an exceptional community partner.

Joe Guillen is the executive director of the New Mexico School Boards Association.  The association believes that students have a responsibility to be active life-long learners and to contribute to their own success, that all learners should have an equal opportunity for a quality education that provides the tools for a quality life and a vision for the future, that quality education reflects diverse community values and capitalizes on the multicultural strengths of the community, and that parents, schools, and communities are partners who share the responsibility for providing quality education. Joe exemplifies these beliefs.

When you ask Joe about his work experience he will tell you that he has had three careers.  The first was in the New Mexico State Planning Office, where, among other positions, he served as the director.  He also worked in the State Department of Finance and Administration where he worked with cities and counties and oversaw the local government division as the director.  After 28 years of service in state government, he served three terms on his local school board.  During that time he was very active in the state and national school board associations. 

In 2007 Joe was hired as executive director of NMSBA, after serving as a lobbyist for the association.  As the executive director, Joe oversees four major events each year, a leadership retreat, an annual convention, the board member institute, and the school law conference in addition to regional meetings.  He is also involved in legislative and congressional advocacy as well as helping to provide policy services, superintendent search services, and board training.  

In his capacity as executive director, Joe has been helping APS offer a comprehensive orientation for school board candidates since 2009.  Thank you, Joe, for all the ways you help Albuquerque Public Schools provide quality education.