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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: May 24, 2021

International Career Development Conference Winners

Sharlotte Holmes, Henry Guetersloh and Harrison Morrow received international recognition in the DECA Competition.

The virtual International Career Development Conference had more than 17,000 students in attendance for competition and leadership development.  All 50 states, US territories of Guam and Puerto Rico, Germany, and Canada were included in this conference.  Three APS students received international recognition in their competition.

Sharlotte Holmes and Henry Gueterslohfrom La Cueva High School were awarded 11th place in the Virtual Business Challenge-Retail.  Sharlotte and Henry managed specific marketing concepts, such as pricing, purchasing and promotion within their own supermarket, sporting goods or electronics stores.  They were required to interpret actions, charts and reports, such as the Inventory and Sales & Margin reports, in order to make strategic marketing decisions for their store to optimize profitability.  Terri Jones and Richard Faulkner were their advisors.

Harrison Morrow from Sandia High School was awarded a Top 12 in Role Play 2 in the Hotel and Lodging Management Series. Harrison was challenged to perform marketing and management functions and tasks in hotels, motels, lodging services, convention services, and food and beverage services.  This event consisted of two major parts: a written cluster exam and two preliminary role-playing events. Harrison was given a written scenario to review. It indicated a product or service to sell; a merchandising decision; a situation involving communications, human relations, economics, or professional development; or a business management consideration.  In the role-play, Harrison accomplished a task by translating what they have learned into effective, efficient, and spontaneous action. Marianne Ireland and Linda Wilson were Harrison’s advisors.

Congratulations to Sharlotte, Henry, Harrison, and their advisors!