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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: November 4, 2020

Extraordinary Fine Arts Staff

Three staff members were recognized for their work to get instruments into the hands of students for remote learning.

Joe Gershin, Performing Arts Manager; Andrew Binns, Fine Arts Funding Technician; and Hovey Corbin, Fine Arts Inventory Technician have put in countless hours of work to provide instruments to all of the fine arts students in APS, allowing each student to have an instrument at home for remote learning.  The team ordered 1,337 instruments and 174 bows.  They received, engraved, inventoried, and delivered each of those instruments all across the district.  With intermittent assistance from other members of the Fine Arts Department, the team accomplished this monumental task in approximately five working days!  Although they are still anxiously awaiting the delivery of 48 tubas and 119 guitars, their dedication and passion for the fine arts students of APS is exceptional.  Thank you, Mr. Gershin, Mr. Binns, and Mr. Corbin!