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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: March 26, 2021

Extraordinary APS Nurses

Thirty-nine APS nurses were recognized for their help vaccinating the community.

The APS nurses have joined forces with the City of Albuquerque and volunteered to assist with various City of Albuquerque clinics. The APS volunteers were headed up by Amy Baker, an APS Resource nurse who coordinated the APS volunteer efforts. These nurse volunteers helped with at least nine different clinics and assisted with the administering of more than 3,500 vaccinations. The APS nurse volunteers worked in various capacities from drawing up vaccines, to administering the vaccine and observing individuals after the vaccine was administered. They even volunteered to help on Saturday!  Thank you for going the extra mile!

  • Amy Baker
  • Anita Good 
  • Ann Wiggins-Brooks
  • Cheri Greenwood 
  • Cheryl Brubaker 
  • Christina Gonzales 
  • Danielle Steiner
  • Dany Mak 
  • Dawn Chavez-Branch 
  • Dusty Chavez 
  • Eve Wohlert 
  • Glenda Hightower 
  • Heather Smith 
  • Jean Dunlap 
  • Jennifer Herring 
  • Jennifer Taylor 
  • Karen Ortiz
  • Kathy Sallee 
  • Katie Jackson 
  • Kelli Bishop 
  • Keri Antram 
  • Kimberly Lakocy 
  • Kristin Grenemyer
  • Lauri Sedalnick 
  • Laurie Pecotte 
  • Melissa Parker 
  • Melissa Ybarra 
  • Molly Covington 
  • Nancy Hostetler
  • Nathan Mcwhorter 
  • Patrick Parker 
  • Rebecca Hlad 
  • Sandra Vigil 
  • Sherae Miera 
  • Stephanie Noya 
  • Teresa Harrington
  • Tina Messec 
  • Trisha Novak
  • Virgina Zirpel 
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