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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: January 26, 2022

December Employees of the Month

Leonard Fernandez, Dr. Kristine Meurer, Herbert Stanley, and Michelle Waldrop were recognized as employees of the month.

Leonard Fernandez is the head custodian at Corrales Elementary School and is described as a good man and a top-notch custodian. He will do anything he can to help make his campus better. He never asks anyone to do something he wouldn't do himself. He is a great leader for other custodians and has created a strong team. He talks to the students like they are his own children. They refer to him as Mr. Leonard and want to be his helpers— collecting trash at lunchtime and helping him deliver breakfast. He engenders respect because he himself is so respectful and kind to everyone.

Dr. Kristine Meurer is the executive director of Student, Family and Community Supports and has made a significant impact on the students, families, and schools that she has served.  As the executive director of the Student, Family, and Community Supports Division, she oversees and provides leadership for six different departments: Counseling, Nursing, Coordinated School Health, Student and Staff Support, Student Health and Life Skills, and Accountability and Operations.  Dr. Meurer directly supports partnership agreements and also ensures that the community-based organizations implement safe practices, have background clearances and badges, establish effective school level partnerships, and are focused on student and school goals.  Dr. Meurer has also stepped up throughout the pandemic to ensure that the most cutting-edge information was accessed, the most up-to-date guidance was developed and disseminated to all stakeholders, that emergency services were available, and that COVID-safe practices and processes are being implemented.

Herbert Stanley is the assistant principal at Albuquerque High School and demonstrates his desire to go above and beyond the scope of his role to assist his staff and the school in general through his actions. Mr. Stanley's actions also demonstrate leadership and a passion for his profession.  For example, he recently came in on his day off to clean classrooms and help the custodians who were understaffed and overworked. Mr. Stanley's decision to come in on his day off for the sole purpose of improving and cleaning the school demonstrates the best of what the school district has to offer. In so doing, Mr. Stanley motivated and inspired other staff to be better and do more.

Michelle Waldrop is the principal at Apache Elementary School and truly goes above and beyond for her students, staff, and school community. She has handled three of the most challenging school years in the history of education with grace, professionalism, passion, and strength. She puts others first, inspires her staff and students to be the best version of themselves, and builds trusting relationships with the families of our students and the
Apache community.  From subbing classes, if the school is unable to get a sub, to providing meals for staff members who've experienced hardships, Principal Waldrop is there.

Congratulations on being named employees of the month Leonard, Kris, Herbert, and Michelle!