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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: August 17, 2022

Community School Grant Winners

Twenty APS schools were awarded a Community School Planning, Implementation, and Extension Grant from the New Mexico Public Education Department.

Community Schools are existing schools that engage the entire community in identifying barriers to academic achievement and implementing home-grown strategies to provide students with whatever they need to succeed academically, often by leveraging community resources. 

The Public Education Department recently announced a new $7.4 million investment in the Community School strategy, awarding grants to 68 schools across the state. The 2022-23 award total exceeds last year’s $6.8 million investment, which helped 50 schools.

Twenty APS schools, all of the schools that applied for the NMPED Community School grant, received one.  

Those grants totaled just over $2 million for the 22-23 school year.

One-Year Planning Grant 

Seven schools received a one-year planning grant for $50,000:

  • Apache Elementary School 
  • Bel-Air Elementary School 
  • Bellehaven Elementary School  
  • Lowell Elementary School 
  • McKinley Middle School  
  • Kirtland Elementary School 
  • Lavaland Elementary School  

First-Year Implementation Grant 

Seven schools received a first-year implementation grant for $150,000. This grant can be continued for three years:

  • Del Norte High School
  • Duranes Elementary School
  • East San Jose Elementary School 
  • Edward Gonzales Elementary School 
  • Helen Cordero Primary School 
  • Reginald Chavez Elementary School 
  • Van Buren Middle School

Third-Year Implementation Grant

Three schools received their third-year implementation grant for $150,000:

  • Eugene Field Elementary Community School  
  • Governor Bent Elementary
  • Rudolfo Anaya Elementary 

Fourth-Year Implementation Grant 

This year, for the first time, three schools received a Year 4 (Renewal) implementation grant:

  • Hawthorne Elementary received a grant for $75,000
  • Los Padillas Elementary received a grant for $75,000
  • Manzano Mesa Elementary received a grant for $48,806

We are thankful for the collaboration of staff, ABC Community Schools, and the NMPED in supporting these schools and their communities. 

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