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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: October 7, 2020

APS Refugee and Newcomer Supports

APS Refugee and Newcomer Supports were recognized for receiving the Simon of Cyrene Award from Catholic Charities.

The Refugee and Newcomer team provides support to students, families, and the schools that serve them, speak the languages of the local refugee and newcomer community, provides in-classroom support to students, and works with local community organizations to build collaborative partnerships to support education.  The team received the award from Catholic Charities for coming to the aid of those in the community who are in great need of kindness, strength, and compassion.  Congratulations to the Refugee and Newcomer Supports team!

  • Brandon Baca, Program Manager
  • Parwin Hussaini, Newcomer Specialist
  • Mbarak Hussein, Newcomer Specialist
  • Farida Ibrahim, Newcomer Specialist
  • Mohammad Ismail, Case Manager
  • Chantal Muhumure, Newcomer Specialist
  • Edmond Mwamba, Case Manager
  • Dina Raheem, Case Manager