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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: September 17, 2020


The people who created APS@Home distance learning on New Mexico PBS were recognized.

In March, the idea hatched to videotape lessons and to work with New Mexico PBS to broadcast into homes.  Using the resources the district has at the Berna Facio Professional Development Center, a small group of district staff worked with teachers to provided hour-long lessons for kindergarten through fifth grades, complete with a sign language interpreter and some Spanish speaking classes.  These lessons began airing on April 6 and continued through the summer. 

And it was a success!  New Mexico PBS had the highest year-to-year increase in viewership of any PBS station in the country for its broadcasts of the APS @HOME early learning content.  Also, APS@Home had 18,000 webpage views, 300,000 views on Facebook and 9,000 views on Twitter, on the NMPBS web site, and other social media platforms.  APS @HOME was also simulcast on the state’s other PBS stations, KENW in Portales and KRWG in Las Cruces, benefiting children statewide.

Almost 100 people stepped out of their comfort zones and risked coming to work to help students learn from home. Through their efforts a whole new audience of students and their families experienced learning through a completely different medium.  One that reached right into their home.   Thank you for all your extraordinary efforts!

Curriculum and Instruction Department Film Teachers:

  • Lori Arnold
  • Rachel Hortsman
  • Kathryn James
  • Mary Craff
  • Jennifer Sears
  • Tamara Gaudet
  • Anna Kay
  • Andrea Quintana
  • Lynda Torres
  • Maggie Carrillo
  • Vince Case
  • Steven Henley

Fine Arts Filmers:

  • Michelle Ley
  • Jose Carrillo
  • Denise Rudd
  • Jenny Potter
  • Paul Palmer
  • Gina Rasinski
  • Nancy O’Neil

Title 1:

  • Mary Ellen Karnas
  • Kory Obenshain
  • Roxann Morris
  • Diane Thomas

Office of Innovation:

  • Claire Wood
  • Abel Abeita
  • Lana Greenblat

Mission Avenue Elementary School:

  • Eleanor Martindale
  • Edward Ramirez
  • Sabrina Garcia

Los Padillas Elementary School:

  • Samantha Schmitz
  • Sergio Schwartz
  • Mary Carmen Sanchez

Hodgin Elementary School:

  • Janalyn Maes
  • Michelle Groth

Highland High School:

  • Ann Paulls

Zia Elementary School:

  • Jeremy Dunham

Inez Elementary School:

  • Michael Anderson

Coronado Elementary School:

  • Mark Yoder

Monte Vista Elementary School:

  • Margaret Hornbeck

Janet Kahn Academy Elementary School:

  • Elizabeth Kunz

Carlos Rey Elementary School:

  • Miriam Johnson Sanchez
  • Sugeidy Valdez
  • Benjamin Reyes

Hubert Humphrey Elementary School:

  • Stefanie Gonzales

Bel Air Elementary School:

  • Abby Carlson

SY Jackson Elementary School:

  • Mary Chappell

Del Norte High School:

  • Luis Sanchez-Martinez

Leader Readers:

  • Dr. Madelyn Serna-Marmol
  • Dr. Gabriella Duran-Blakey
  • Dr. Antonio Gonzales
  • Troy Hughes
  • Yvonne Garcia

Video Team:

  • Sal Gonzales
  • Russell Reid
  • Victor Quinones
  • Garrett Julian

Production Team:

  • Dr. Joseph Escobedo
  • Dr. Karen Webb
  • Jami Jacobson
  • Carla Cano
  • Lynda Torres

Community Volunteers:

  • Bob Myer— International Rattlesnake Museum
  • Kari Simmons Vickerman
  • Los Mariachis
  • Explora 
  • NM Museum of Natural History
  • Franz Joachim, KNME
  • Michael Brasher, KANW
  • Heidi Brown, KANW

Behind the Scenes Support:

  • Courtney Grant
  • Marissa Bannerman
  • Jose Robles de Iglesias
  • Andrea Ochoa
  • Ashley Griego
  • Gina Dugger
  • Charmaine Sanchez


  • Caleb Mims
  • Kella Guy
  • Ina Gullett
  • Kim Corwin
  • Angela Littleton
  • Marti Williams
  • Michelle Trujillo
  • Juliann Frenzel
  • Renee Robicheaux
  • Micah Corwin