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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: May 24, 2021

APS Digital Innovators

Forty-five digital innovators were recognized by the Board of Education.

The APS Digital Innovator Program was created by the Educational Technology Department to assist teachers at all levels to develop, maintain, and transfer their knowledge and skills to others. Digital technologies have become ubiquitous in our daily lives. Teachers need a deep understanding of how they can enhance student learning by integrating these technologies to support student fluency with content, digital tools, and resources, and become mature digital citizens.  

Digital innovators are a unique group of educators who have gone above and beyond for our students, especially this past school year.  An APS Digital Innovator demonstrates the highest commitment to growing their teaching practice with the use of digital tools.  They are leaders at their site and have earned this honor through their engaging teaching and learning strategies as demonstrated by their program capstone projects. This year the EdTech Department was able to provide more than 12,400 individual training experiences to the APS educators and staff.  In addition, APS digital innovators created digital experiences including:

  • an after-school leadership program for students,
  • a mindfulness website with brain break activities for 1st graders,
  • a student literature website for each unit of study for elementary students,
  • a detailed EdPuzzle Classroom for the IBS Spanish program to help students study language acquisition,
  • a project that has gifted students create digital project-based learning mathematics activities,
  • a social-emotional learning website for teacher, parent, and students covering mental & physical wellness,
  • and a band lesson website to share learning activities.

Congratulations to our APS Digital Innovators!

  • Alfredo Ramos
  • Allie Bailey
  • Angela Gonzales
  • Ann Crawford
  • April Requard
  • Ariel Burge
  • Ashley Denardis
  • Barbara Murphy
  • Bonita Hall
  • Brenda Padilla
  • Caia Brown
  • Cari Kerkhoff
  • Christine Ragsdale
  • Christy Snell
  • Cramer Johnson
  • De Nauer
  • Elisabeth Hall
  • Gina Cruz-Szabo
  • Jeannie Toole
  • Jenna Brooks
  • Jennifer Arnason
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Jessica Boven
  • Joanna Harbaugh
  • Joseph Gershin
  • Josephine Gonzales
  • Karn Gustafson
  • Kathryn Gonzales
  • Kathy Loudat
  • Kelly Mitchell
  • Kendra Peralta
  • Kristen Bandy
  • Kristi Chapman
  • Kristin Garletts
  • Kristina Kennedy
  • Lurdes Ortiz
  • Marcia Vera Vassallo
  • Michelle K Chavez
  • Nadine Morales
  • Natali Barreto-Baca
  • Rebecca Grothe
  • Robert Herrera
  • Samantha Schmitz
  • Sarah Caldwell
  • Selena Shepherd
  • Susan Medina
  • Tiffany Hazelbaker
  • Tina Nunez
  • Yolanda Medrano