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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: August 17, 2022

APS Board of Education Recognizes New Principals

Fifteen schools have new principals or principals who are new to their school at the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

They are: 

  • Cesar Hernandez is at Albuquerque High School
  • Yvonne Salazar is at Atrisco Elementary School
  • Jonathan Saiz is at Eisenhower Middle School
  • Shawna Wirick is at Eugene Field Elementary School
  • Crystal Avalos is at Governor Bent Elementary School
  • Cory Donley is at Hodgin Elementary School
  • Trini Gallegos is at Jefferson Middle School
  • Paula Nunez is at LBJ Middle School School
  • Mary Salazar is at Lew Wallace Elementary School
  • Cristina Benitez de Luna is at Los Padillas Elementary School
  • Jenna Bludworth is at Marie Hughes Elementary
  • Carmen Trujillo is at Navajo Elementary School
  • Rebecca Maestas is at Rudolfo Anaya Elementary School
  • Erika Montano is at Zia Elementary School
  • And Cicely Ryan will be at Monte Vista Elementary School beginning September 1.

Thank you for your willingness to serve a new school and to share your talents and time with those communities.

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