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Board of Education Recognitions

Posted: August 10, 2021

ALTO Vanguard teachers

Fourteen teachers were recognized for being inducted into the Active learning through Opera (ALTO) Vanguard.

Candice Stanford, Janda Hindi, Rosy Poling, Elizabeth Kunz, Sara Samani, Melissa DeMaagd-Bia, Catherine Williams, Cheryl Padilla-Maldonado, Helen Stein, Stacey Johnson, Denise Rudd, Renae Smith, Jacqueline Freedman, and Ginger Looney were recently inducted into the Active Learning through Opera (ALTO) Vanguard by the New Mexico Alliance for Responsive Teaching and the Santa Fe Opera. They were inducted into the ALTO Vanguard due to their high level of engagement in professional development through the New Mexico Alliance for Responsive Teaching. The Active Learning through Opera program is a collaborative among elementary and middle school teachers and teaching artists from the opera. Participation in the ALTO program is by invitation only.  In addition to hundreds of artist residencies, more than 12,000 children have produced 175 operas, performing to audiences of parents, classmates and friends totaling nearly 50,000 people. In celebration of their support for teaching excellence these teachers were invited to see and experience Tchaikovsky’s intense opera, Eugene Onegin, one of Pushkin’s great stories about what was, what was not, and what could have been.  Congratulations to these exceptional Active Learning through Opera Vanguard teachers!