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Internal Organizations

Community Capital Advisory Commission (CCAC)

The commission comprises community members who have advisory oversight of the school district’s capital master plan and provide a review of the progress of the planning and expenditures of capital funds to the APS Board of Education, the superintendent and the community. Josefina Domínguez is the board representative on CCAC.

Equity Advisory Council

The key role of this advisory council is to ensure equitable practices to engage and advocate for students, families and employees of APS. The council reviews key policies, procedures, and programs to ensure needed support is provided to students and families. APS board members are invited to attend the meetings on a rotating basis.

School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

The APS District School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is required by state and federal law and is empowered by the policies and procedures of the APS Board of Education.  As an advisory body, SHAC provides guidance, recommendations and other assistance to the Board of Education and APS administration regarding all areas of coordinated school health.  The board members serving on the district council are Peggy Muller-Aragόn and Danielle Gonzales.

Calendar Committee

The district has an annual instructional school year calendar committee made up of school and district staff, parents, community members and a board representative to review, develop and recommend calendars for the upcoming school year that have an academic focus to ensure students and teachers are in school for uninterrupted instructional time. The board member serving on this committee is Courtney I. Jackson.